Monday, November 18

our lovely little wedding! (part one)

Well, as some of you may know, my lovely partner and I were married nearly two months ago now, so I figured it was about time that I put some of our happy snaps on the blog. I am making this a mini series as there are so many gorgeous photos. So, enjoy!

Check out my handsome hubby! Oh yeah!
Left to right - Mitchell (my brother & Grants best man), My hubby Grant and his groomsman Trenchie!

Grant & His dad
Grant & His mum

Baby Nate helping the make-up artist!

The dress

My mum and I. My mum was absolutely amazing on the lead up to the wedding. She helped us so much and was incredibly thoughtful. No words can express how much I love her!

This is one of my fave pictures of my step-dad and I. Paul has been a big support person in our lives for so long and I could not imagine my life without him!

This is my beautiful flower girl & Daughter! She loved dressing up in her shiny silver glitter shoes and her massive, puffy tutu! She was the perfect flower girl

My little Paige boy! So sweet, my gorgeous little son!
My Nanna gave me a baby bonnet on my christening day that could be turned into a lace handkerchief on my wedding day. My  Nanna past away in 17 years ago. Here I am unpicking the stitched to turn it into a handkerchief. She would have been incredibly proud of me. 
My beautiful maid of honor, Becca, and my mum lacing up my dress whilst my flower girl, Tilds, and bridesmaid, Cassie, watch on.

The next post will contain pictures of the ceremony!!

much love

Friday, August 23

Mumma update!

Hey all!

Thought I'd do an update of what has been happening in our little world as I don't blog post often.

Our wedding is a little over 3 weeks away!! It's really starting to get exciting! We are down to final tiny bits of planning and trying to locate an extra couple of dollars. I find it hard to believe that we will get to see the end result of all the planning and hard work soon enough. Cant wait! My final dress fitting is next week, my dress is absolutely amazing. I also received Tilda's flower girl skirt today. It is gorgeous and is adorned with so many crystals. She is going to look so adorable with her little brother!

The boy is now 6 months old! Where did that time go? He is now sitting on his own, he does swimming lessons, he tries to give kisses (sucking the side of your face) and is on the verge of learning to crawl. We are still breastfeeding (with the occasional supp thanks to Medela SNS feeder) and we have started BLW.
I love BLW as it means I get to share my meal with the boy and not have to worry about purees and mushing food up and feeding him. He gets to feed himself and I think he loves it. He always has a smile on his face and never fails to make me smile.

My beautiful four year old miss is doing great. She never stops learning or asking questions. She is one of the most curious people I know. She has recently started doing two swimming lessons a week and has nearly mastered backstroke and is getting better at freestyle, she has a bit of difficulty with the breathing side of things. She is doing dancing once a week and has her concert in November. We are also preparing her for starting school next year. Its crazy how time flies!

I'm taking part in Michelle Bridges 12WBT and im loving it! Im only in week two but I'm already feeling a HUGE difference in myself, my body shape and my confidence & the recipes are pretty yummy. Wish me luck though in the next couple of weeks. I have my Kitchen Tea on Sunday, My Hens Party in a fortnight & the wedding on the 21st September so I'm hoping I keep the eating of sweet foods to a minimum!

That's all that has been really happening, I could probably write all day about how massively proud of my kids I am, but I'm pretty sure there are more interesting things for you to read, so goodbye until next time!

Saturday, June 15

What's the haps?

As I sit here posting this my beautiful Miss Four and Bubba Nate sit on the floor cuddling. It's just gone winter and the night's have become cold and the says cool and the air crisp.
Winter is such an invigorating season. I personally love the snuggle season. Nothing more sweet than cuddling with your loved ones.
Bubba is now four months old. He is a super happy bub, he has recently learnt how to roll and grab at his toys. We are still having our breastfeeding problems but it's a lot better than what it use to be. He coo's at you sweetly and laughs when you pull faces. I took him to the art exhibition in Sydney on Thursday and he spent the day 'flirting' with all the ladies who stopped to tell him he was gorgeous!
Tilds (Miss 4) has been her charming old self. She is right on track for learning and has been writing her name, counting to 20 and is able to show by using her finger how many of something there is. I enrolled her into school for next year and we have her school interview next week. She has been developing such a personality and is very independent and passionate.
I have been busy planning the wedding and studying. I think I'll be going back to work after the wedding.
That's pretty much what's been happening over on our end!

Sunday, May 26

10 day challenge [wants]

For the 10 day challenge I have to visit my wants which is always fun.

At the moment I am wanting a hot Milo.
I want my children to grow up knowing they are very much loved
I want to be able to complete my uni course
I want to look stunning walking down the isle in September
I want to savor every moment in my life and drink in each detail from my beautiful daughters freckles that scatter themselves playfully upon her cheeks to my sons tiny little fingers and the cheeky way he smiles and laughs

These are my wants!

Friday, April 26

10 day challenge [fears]

My fears are usually what every mother fears. We tend to fear the worst. More often than not everything is fine, but it's the things that cause those twinges of worry deep in the pit of your stomach... The things that give you that feeling is what I usually fear.

The sickness of a loved one, the worry that something unthinkable can happen during the night, that split second where you think your little one has gone missing in a crowded place.

We had one of my worst fears happen to us last year. Something horrible happened. It has strengthened us all dramatically but it's something I never want to deal with again. I am still having difficulty coming to terms with it. Such a traumatic experience doesn't go away over night, but with the support of our families we are coping together.

Fear is normal. It's when your worst fears come into effect that makes things worst. It's like living a nightmare. The loss of control. Your whole world shattering. The perfect life gone. Families torn apart - that is worse than fear.

Thursday, April 25

10 day challenge [loves]

This is a pretty easy topic for me.

I love my beautiful daughter. she is the most amazing little girl I know. She has the personality of a 20 year old and the happy carefree attitude of a three year old. She turns the big 4 at the end of May. I dont see her as a three year old though because she has such a fiery attitude and talks and behaves like a child much older then her age. She often tries to mother me and will pull the whole "not funny mum" line. I love her to bits!

I love my handsome little son. He is one of the most perfect creations. He is sweet, innocent and gentle. He smells like newborn and still loves to snuggle up with his mummy. He has gorgeous blue eyes and the faintest hint of blonde hair on his head.

I love my wonderful fiance. He tries his hardest to make me happy. He has recently discovered a love of cooking pastries and tarts so I love him even more when he makes his delicious chocolate tart. He encourages me breastfeeding our son and even makes me lactation cookies when I run out. I love him and im pretty damn sure he loves me.

I love my mum, step-dad & little brother. They are some of the most awesome people I know. My little brother especially so. He has the best taste in music, is always off seeing a new concert.. sometimes more then twice a week. He is super cool.

I love my dear friends. So very much.

I love Autumn.

I love the fact that Im getting married in September.

I love the beach.

I love my cat Mayhem,

I love my puppy Sybil even though she destroys the yard!


Wednesday, April 24

10 day challenge [secrets]

Secrets are secret for a reason but I shall reveal a few...
I hate housework. The only time the house is spotless is when I know my mother is coming over. Every other day it is just tidy. I keep my poor housewife skills a secret about from her.
I secretly wish we had used our sons middle name as his first name. I love his first name, but I love love love his middle name.
I've always said I hate Metallica but I secretly enjoyed seeing them at the Soundwave festival back in February.
I have a (primarily) boys middle name.
That's all I can think of for secrets... Poor attempt I know, but there really isn't much to reveal!

Wednesday, April 17

10 day challenge

Two years ago I did took part in a ten day challenge where I spoke about the different topics you can see above. I think its about time to revisit these topics to see what has changed in the last two years. I will be starting this challenge on Thursday. If  anyone wants to join me, copy the image and post on your blog!

Keep an eye out for my ten day challenge posts!

Tuesday, April 16

Nearly 10 weeks!

Tomorrow marks ten weeks that my most amazing little guy has been out in the real world. I still can't believe that I created this most perfect, smiley, gorgeous boy!

Master Nate has been talking much more and having little "conversations" with everyone. From the minute he wakes up in the morning he is full of smiles and talk. My fave thing to do in the mornings is to unwrap him from his swaddle and watch him stretch out and smile at me, its so cute to watch.

Tilds has been doing good as well. She is getting ready for big school next year by learning to trace words and learning to differentiate sounds. She already knows how to write her first name but we are starting on her last name. I am so proud of her progress, she really is a smart little cookie!

On the wedding progress... Well, we went to a wedding expo with both our parents and were talked into having a string quartet playing for the ceremony and we are now getting the whole day filmed by a videographer. We are sending out our save the dates tomorrow and we are still trying to decide on a design for the wedding invitations! So many different designs to choose from! Its coming around so quickly, it still doesnt feel like that long ago that the Mister proposed but its actually been over a year!

Stay tuned for more baby updates and wedding progress!

Friday, April 5

8 weeks already!

My little handsome man is officially an eight week old! he turned 8 weeks on Wednesday! I really cant believe how easily him and I work together. He is just perfect.

Over the last month he has started smiling, cooing and giggling. He is developing his own amazing little personality and he is most definitely a little snuggle bunny. He hates being put down and just loves being held, which I don't mind to much.. it just means that I don't get much done haha!

His sister absolutely adores him! She sits and "reads" to him, she talks to him like a real little mummy, she cuddles and kissed him. It is such a beautiful bond to watch. I am so proud of how much she loves and adores him, I am so proud of her.

I will update soon with more pictures, but for now, the little fellow is due to wake up soon.

Keep an eye out for our next update!

Tuesday, March 12

Its already been a month!

It feels like only yesterday I was in hospital about to give birth to my 10 pound bundle of joy! I seriously can not believe it has been a full month! Its been an exciting one, having to relearn pretty much everything! Newborns are just so precious! There are some things which I absolutely love, like his beautiful newborn expressions, his soft skin, his gorgeous little sounds he makes and his newborn smell.

I honestly thought this time round would be so much harder than the first, but its actually easier, although, the tiredness is a bit of a pain.

I've also had my ups and downs with breastfeeding this time round. With my beautiful daughter, as much as I tried, she just wouldn't put on weight from breastfeeding. This time round we are trying everything possible to get past the 6 week mark. We are on drugs (Domperidone) , lactation cookies, SNS feeding systems, you name it and we are probably trying it!! We are getting there, slowly. We are having twice weekly visits with the health nurse to make sure we are having a steady weight gain.

Tilds seems to be a bit better with him. She loves giving him cuddles and being a fantastic little helper. If you need a nappy she will not only bring you a nappy, she will get you a wipe and a bag, put the nappy in the bag AND put the bag and nappy in the bin. She is super awesome! She seems to find him much more interesting now that he is making more noise and is a lot more alert which is great.

Anyways, it's time to go feed little mister. Keep an eye out for future posts!


Tuesday, February 26

Introducing the newest littlest one!

On Tuesday 5th February I was admitted into the hospital for an induction. I had the prostin gel inserted at about 10pm and was told by the midwife on duty not to bother to much about contractions until I was at least three minutes apart, she then sent my partner home. Fast forward to 3am and that's when the contractions started, they started off at 8 mins apart and within the hour they had dropped to 3 minutes and absolutely painful! I called the midwife who sat with me and timed the contractions and told me she would be back soon to check on me and see how far dilated I was. I didn't see her for another hour. It was 6am when she finally came to check on me. I was 7cm dilated and I was finally able to call me partner and my mum to come to the hospital to support me in the final stages of labour (Yay). I was taken down to the delivery suite and hubby and mum met me there at 6:30am. I set myself up on the floor on my knees leaning over the birthing ball and as each contraction hit I'd rotate my hips in a circular motion to try and encourage baby down. Finally at 7:56am after a lot of tears, and a fear he wasn't going to ever come out, my handsome little man made his way into the world. I gave birth leaning over the birthing ball, no drugs, no need for stitches. My 10.5lbs bundle of goodness was born February 6th, Tilds adores him and I am absolutely in love!

Monday, February 4



Well today, I am officially 41+1 weeks pregnant! I never thought I'd make it this far AND still be pregnant.. come on baby, it's really time to come out!

We had our antenatal appointment, induction booking and ultrasound last Friday. Booked in for our induction on Wednesday. We go in on Tuesday night and the do the whole insert the gel thing. I'm really nervous about the whole deal. I don't want my waters broken, I want to start labor naturally! Labor hurts enough as it is without the gentle lead up with contractions haha!

Bubs @ 40+6 days. It's his head and apparently he is that low in my cervix he has a permanent forehead wrinkle =P

Well, what ever happens, happens for a reason I guess. Miss bug was a whole 9 days late and I was due to be induced the day after she was born. I still have one day left to do this on my own, come on body, don't let me down!


Watch this spot for baby pictures, and birthing story!

Tuesday, January 22


It has been a pretty long time between posts. It's not that my life is uninteresting and what not, its just the I have been so darn busy! This has been the first time since finishing up at work that I've actually had the want and effort to write something down. 

Baby is progressing well and we are nearing our EDD nicely. He moves about like a trooper, so very strong already! He lets me get minimum sleep at night, I have never had insomnia this badly before. Worse then insomnia is that weird sleep thing where your not sure if you are asleep or awake? I had that last night.. feels like I haven't slept a wink. At all. So tired.

And then, on top of insomnia, I've been given dreadful heartburn and reflux, I burp a ridiculous amount of times throughout the day, when I do sleep I snore.. but at least I'm looking good and feeling healthy!

We finished the nursery off on the weekend, its looking rather cute, even if I do say so myself. We also did the whole massive house clean/ nesting! I started a quilt for bub, which probably wont get finished til after he is born and we finished off all his washing (about time really). 

Miss Bug has been going well, we had a week long stay at the hospital 2 weeks ago due to an infection but she seems to have bounced back well and is back to her old happy self. 

So, for now, we just play the waiting game and see how much longer we wait for the newest addition to make his appearance into the big wide world!

I cant wait!

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