Monday, October 24

Point and shoot

Yummy lunches, dolls houses, sandpit play and Marrickville festival.

Our lovely weekend!

Join in over at sunny+scout!

p.s. If this post looks a bit funny, scroll to the bottom and click "view web version"..

Monday, October 17

Tildy with her fish face, car time naps, playing with daddy, pony rides and a bottle of wine won in a raffle hosted by nuns. Such a fun, relaxing weekend. So here are our pictures of the weekend! Enjoy!


Monday, October 10

point and shoot

A beautiful picture from the beautiful wedding I went to on friday of my close friend and her soul mate.
Wishing u both a life time of happiness!

Friday, October 7

Something something etc

Im writing this post whilst sitting on a park bench in Newtown. Inspiration everywhere, but none inside me. Quiet time with myself before shops open. A day off work- Tilds is already at daycare waiting for nanna to pick her up. I have a wedding to attend in the central coast at 4. Im so unprepared for it, I don't even have a pen, a card or a dress to wear.
Unprepared? Seems like my whole life lately. Ive never been fully prepared, but nowdays I feel as though I should start to make an effort.
When does one move on from being spontanious? When does one decide its time to grow up? To have a plan? My parents raised me to be carefree, stress free. To have a plan... Does that incorporate stress? Im not sure. Im not really sure about much anymore.
Well, thats all the thoughtfull pondering I can do right now... Time to find a coffee and a dress.
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