Saturday, September 27

As fate may have it...

We are pregnant!
Baby number three is well on the way!
The little miracle is due on my best friend Bec's birthday - 23rd January, I am 100% convinced it is Bec telling us it is ok to be happy, she is at peace. 

We are currently at 23 weeks pregnant and already the strength in this little ones kicks is enough to take my breath away! 
We chose not to find out the gender at our 20 week ultrasound, as this one is our last little bub I want to keep it a joyous surprise for when they make their arrival. 

I have decided to have a baby sprinkling for this little one and have been busy planning for the little gathering we are planning on having in late November.
I am hoping to post some more pictures and posts along the way!

Friday, April 18

For my darling Becca 23/01/1988 - 08/04/2014

Last week on Wednesday morning I received some absolutely heartbreaking news. My beautiful best friend had passed away in the late hours of Tuesday evening. So this post is tribute to an amazing woman who brightened up my life and filled my world with love and hope. Bec was my maid of honour at my wedding and the person who I talked to everyday. Im not sure what I am going to do without her, all I do know is that my life is so much better having known and loved her.


I will forever miss you 
I will love you forever and always xx

Friday, January 3

Wedding!!!!!!!!!!! (part 2)

As previously posted, we got married back in September. I have been meaning to get around to posting more pictures, so here are some photos of our ceremony!

I have to say that our wedding was one of the best days of my whole entire life. I know, its awfully cliche, and I really never thought I would be saying it but it truly was. I am so glad we spent the money to have everything perfect. I think I really would have regretted it if we did get married at the registry office like we had wanted to do so many times throughout planning the wedding due to all the stress!!! 

Matilda & Nathaniel walking down the isle with both my mum & Grant's mum

Our wedding Arch consisted of two antique ladders with lace bunting tied to it. Matilda pushed Nathaniel down the isle in an old fashion dolls pram. The flowers in her hair I purchased from etsy  and can be found here. Her full tulle skirt I purchased from Little Chiyo. The top was made by my Besties mum!

My little brother read “Union from The Beginning to End” by Robert Fulghum. He became emotional halfway through which made half our guest cry. It meant the world to me that he did a reading for us. He is an amazing little brother!

My stepdad, Paul, walked me down the isle to  a cover of "Into my Arms" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds played by our string quartet. By Bridesmaid (top) and Maid of Honour (bottom) wore gorgeous yellow dresses and had their hair done in curls to the side! We stuck with natural looking makeup.

My Boy! Here he is wearing his handmade suit that I purchased from Etsy to match his dads suit. It can be found here.

After Tilds walked her brother down she walked back up with a basket of petals to throw on the white carpet. This was entirely her idea and it was absolutely precious to watch!

Our amazing bridal party! I was so proud to have the most important people in my life there with me on the day.  My treasured Groomsman Trenchie (Far left), My little brother, My gorgeous husband, My two beautiful children, My Maid of Honour and Bestest friend ever Bec, and my bridesmaid Cassie!
This photo pretty much sums up our day. Fun, happy and carefree! 
This was taked just after my lil bro did his reading. 

My bestie also did a reading for us. She read "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" by Louis De Bernieres. 

We chose to do a hand tying ceremony. Grants little brother helped!

And of course, the kiss!

All our guests, our little family and signing of the registrar


Oh yeh!

So, New year means I'm taking parting in the Organised Housewife's



So, first things first, cause im a bit slack at going out and purchasing a black print cartridge, here are my household goals for 2014!

  1. I want to feel relaxed and happy while I’m at home.
  2. I want to spend more time playing with the kids.
  3. I want an area of the home where I can sew without random excess clutter impacting on me!
  4. I want to organise my kitchen first.
  5. I always lose my clean clothes in the ginormous pile of washing that is my laundry.
  6. I want to be organised by Nathaniel's birthday party in February.
  7. The most disorganised cupboard in my home is pantry.
  8. Something that I don’t need anymore , but am having trouble parting with is sentimental items I have no need for anymore.
Tonight I cleared off the noticeboard for when I finally get around to getting my printer cartrige, and may i just say, my gosh it looks so much better having a nearly EMPTY noticeboard with nothing on it! This weekend I think I am going to give it a splash of paint as it's the lovely old school brown corkboard.. Maybe I could throw some brightly coloured fabric on it instead?

Will post pics on monday. In the meantime, I shall be posting my 2 part wedding post (Yes, I know, very delayed, but better late then never!!!)


Monday, November 18

our lovely little wedding! (part one)

Well, as some of you may know, my lovely partner and I were married nearly two months ago now, so I figured it was about time that I put some of our happy snaps on the blog. I am making this a mini series as there are so many gorgeous photos. So, enjoy!

Check out my handsome hubby! Oh yeah!
Left to right - Mitchell (my brother & Grants best man), My hubby Grant and his groomsman Trenchie!

Grant & His dad
Grant & His mum

Baby Nate helping the make-up artist!

The dress

My mum and I. My mum was absolutely amazing on the lead up to the wedding. She helped us so much and was incredibly thoughtful. No words can express how much I love her!

This is one of my fave pictures of my step-dad and I. Paul has been a big support person in our lives for so long and I could not imagine my life without him!

This is my beautiful flower girl & Daughter! She loved dressing up in her shiny silver glitter shoes and her massive, puffy tutu! She was the perfect flower girl

My little Paige boy! So sweet, my gorgeous little son!
My Nanna gave me a baby bonnet on my christening day that could be turned into a lace handkerchief on my wedding day. My  Nanna past away in 17 years ago. Here I am unpicking the stitched to turn it into a handkerchief. She would have been incredibly proud of me. 
My beautiful maid of honor, Becca, and my mum lacing up my dress whilst my flower girl, Tilds, and bridesmaid, Cassie, watch on.

The next post will contain pictures of the ceremony!!

much love

Friday, August 23

Mumma update!

Hey all!

Thought I'd do an update of what has been happening in our little world as I don't blog post often.

Our wedding is a little over 3 weeks away!! It's really starting to get exciting! We are down to final tiny bits of planning and trying to locate an extra couple of dollars. I find it hard to believe that we will get to see the end result of all the planning and hard work soon enough. Cant wait! My final dress fitting is next week, my dress is absolutely amazing. I also received Tilda's flower girl skirt today. It is gorgeous and is adorned with so many crystals. She is going to look so adorable with her little brother!

The boy is now 6 months old! Where did that time go? He is now sitting on his own, he does swimming lessons, he tries to give kisses (sucking the side of your face) and is on the verge of learning to crawl. We are still breastfeeding (with the occasional supp thanks to Medela SNS feeder) and we have started BLW.
I love BLW as it means I get to share my meal with the boy and not have to worry about purees and mushing food up and feeding him. He gets to feed himself and I think he loves it. He always has a smile on his face and never fails to make me smile.

My beautiful four year old miss is doing great. She never stops learning or asking questions. She is one of the most curious people I know. She has recently started doing two swimming lessons a week and has nearly mastered backstroke and is getting better at freestyle, she has a bit of difficulty with the breathing side of things. She is doing dancing once a week and has her concert in November. We are also preparing her for starting school next year. Its crazy how time flies!

I'm taking part in Michelle Bridges 12WBT and im loving it! Im only in week two but I'm already feeling a HUGE difference in myself, my body shape and my confidence & the recipes are pretty yummy. Wish me luck though in the next couple of weeks. I have my Kitchen Tea on Sunday, My Hens Party in a fortnight & the wedding on the 21st September so I'm hoping I keep the eating of sweet foods to a minimum!

That's all that has been really happening, I could probably write all day about how massively proud of my kids I am, but I'm pretty sure there are more interesting things for you to read, so goodbye until next time!

Saturday, June 15

What's the haps?

As I sit here posting this my beautiful Miss Four and Bubba Nate sit on the floor cuddling. It's just gone winter and the night's have become cold and the says cool and the air crisp.
Winter is such an invigorating season. I personally love the snuggle season. Nothing more sweet than cuddling with your loved ones.
Bubba is now four months old. He is a super happy bub, he has recently learnt how to roll and grab at his toys. We are still having our breastfeeding problems but it's a lot better than what it use to be. He coo's at you sweetly and laughs when you pull faces. I took him to the art exhibition in Sydney on Thursday and he spent the day 'flirting' with all the ladies who stopped to tell him he was gorgeous!
Tilds (Miss 4) has been her charming old self. She is right on track for learning and has been writing her name, counting to 20 and is able to show by using her finger how many of something there is. I enrolled her into school for next year and we have her school interview next week. She has been developing such a personality and is very independent and passionate.
I have been busy planning the wedding and studying. I think I'll be going back to work after the wedding.
That's pretty much what's been happening over on our end!

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