Sunday, April 17

sunday selections

On Thursday we went to a field and took some photos. Here are a couple of my favourites!
Tilds had a great time running around, and we got there just as the sun started to set.

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Thursday, April 14


Well, I've been kinda slack on the posting side of things. Heaps of pictures but not much of everything else. This probably wont be changing any time soon, but the pictures will keep coming. 

I've been pretty busy studying, and now that I'm on holidays I've been procrastinating. I'm quite good at not doing what I'm suppose to be doing! Thus far, my kitchen is spotless, my gardening is finally getting sorted (goodbye jungle - hello semi-country cottage garden). If I put all that countless energy that I've spent doing other things into actually doing my assignments I may be getting somewhere!

I dont know... I've kinda lost my inspiration. I didn't have much to begin with, but I think it's completely gone now. I need to find it again. I have four assignments building up and not an interest in one of them. I'm starting to loathe the word sociology. I can't even think of an introduction for my sociology essay - that's how bad it is. 

I guess it's been put on hold because I've been making up for lost time with Tilds. It's hard not seeing her during the days. I know I'm trying to build us a better life but I still feel like a pretty crappy parent for not spending all my time with her. What's worse is I know that I have many more years of studying in front of me. At the end of this year I will have my Diploma in Social Services, and next year.. off to uni to continue on. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's there, I just can't see it at the moment. 

Well, enough procrastinating, I'm going to attempt an introduction on my sociology assignment!


Monday, April 11

Point and shoot

Quiet weekend due to illness, so here are our lovely pictures.

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Sunday, April 10

Sunday selections

Thought I would share a couple of my favourite pics taken from my mobile phone within the last week. 
Thanks for looking!

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Thursday, April 7

The girl of many faces...

Today my little girl wasn't feeling to well. She was throwing up last night and all day. It wasn't to pleasant, and was an epic pain cleaning and re cleaning spew off the sheets. 
Even though she wasn't feeling to well she still kept her happy demeanour, we went outside for most of the day (easier to clean up vomit if it's outside in case you are wondering), and we took some pictures. 

So here they are, pics of my happy, sick, little comedian toddler. Fingers crossed the sickness is gone by tomorrow, I'm not sure how much more vomit I can cope with!

Oh.. and tonight is her first night sleeping in a bed instead of a cot. So far so good, no complaints with going to bed and she is still sleeping soundly and she hasn't fallen out of bed yet! Yay.
She gets her proper bed for easter/her birthday from Nan & Pop. She is also getting moved into the bigger room before her birthday. Yay for more space for random toys and kids junk!

Wednesday, April 6

That horrible feeling..

This last week Ive been pretty down. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. Nothing has seemed to work at all. It's just been "one of THOSE weeks". Maybe it's just my mindset? I don't know anymore.

Tilda's dad has his Army interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed he gets in. It's something he has really wanted to do for so long, and to be honest.. It will be great for me when he is away doing training. Peace to myself without lame excuses as to why things have happened (eg. what he did on monday... still pisses me off!!! I wont give to much away, but really... he sure knows how to make the week turn bad!).

TAFE has been an epic drag this weekend. It's just gone so slow, and has been a very soul destroying event. 

Im full of complaints tonight, so, time for the positive!

Tilds has become very grown up in the last week or so.
She has used her potty by herself and is letting us know when she wants to use it!
After complaining about Tilda not eating her vegetables, she has started eating them again.. I should actually say devouring them, especially carrots!
Her voice has lost that babyish sound it had to it, she is actually sounding more grown up. Makes me realise how quickly this time has gone. 
Next month she turns two!!
Tilds has started having proper conversations with us! It's amazing! She just woke up one morning and started saying full sentences! 
She is our little comedian. If we giggle at anything she does, she will repeat it several times just so we laugh some more.

Everyday she amazes and excites me with her new found skills and talents. She is growing and changing so quickly. It sort of feels a bit like "blink and you will miss it". It just goes to quick.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 4

point and shoot

We did lots of things on the weekend so I could avoid studying... we even made bread, from scratch!

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