Monday, July 25

point and shoot

What did we do on the weekend? Well I finally moved Miss Tilda into "big girl undies". I brought them during the week and showed her them on friday morning before she went to "school". I told her that when she got home, she could wear her big girl undies as long as she used the potty.

Friday afternoon came, and when we got home I told her to go get a nappy (silly mummy forgot) so Tilds stomped her little feet and said "Noooo mummahh, undies!". It went off without a hitch. She didnt even let me know when she was going, she just walked off to her potty (which I place in the loungeroom for easy access) and did her buisness. Not one accident over the whole weekend!

So today, I am one proud mumma! I guess my baby girl isnt quite a baby any more... getting so grown up!

The picture above is of Tilds in her carseat on her way to her second cousins birthday party!

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Monday, July 18

point and shoot

This weekend on Saturday I took Tilds to see Disney On Ice. She absolutly loved it! The second Mickey Mouse came out she started screaming "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey!".
The day was a great success. I am so glad she enjoyed it. Here are some photos of our day!

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Saturday, July 9


Memories I will never forget... Sitting at Kings Cross Macca's, across the road from The Bank with Matt & Julian after visiting Showgirls and encouraging buskers to sing Pearl Jam, Incubus & Nirvana.

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Monday, July 4

point & shoot

Quiet weekend for us, so here are two pictures taken on Sunday on our way to Poppyseed Markets.

For more point and shoot fun head on over to sunny + scout

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