Monday, October 25

point & shoot



The weather on the weekend was so strange.
It was so lovely on friday that we made cupcakes and went to the beach.
By sunday it was perfect snuggle up inside jacket weather again.
I'm really looking forward to a warm weekend where the sun shines ALL weekend.

Monday, October 18

point & shoot

We went to the Mamre Homestead fair on the weekend with Grandad, Nonna, Nanna, and Great-Mimi.
Matilda had a fantastic time getting attention off nearly all the grandparents.
They got her a pony ride and a new hat.
Here is a picture of Grandad and Matilda patting the pony.
Shortly after the picture was taken, Matilda put her finger in the pony's nose.
Gotta love kids!

Tuesday, October 12


Another tuesday night. Another night alone.
I loathe tuesday nights.

I'm suppose to be working on my assignment that is due thurday morning, but alas, my brain won't let me. Instead, I seem to be focusing on every single noise that is made beyond my window.
I just can't shut the outside world out.

I miss my darling Matilda. I know that if she were home right now she would just be sleeping. I just miss her presence in the house even though I know she is safe at her daddy's house.

I think I may be jealous of him on tuesday nights. He gets to peer in on her sleeping so soundly in her bed. He gets to tuck her in and make sure she is all safe and snug, and all I get is this lonely quiet that seems to echo throughout the house.

This apparent "beautiful" time alone. This break. This chance to do work that has been left undone for to long.

I hate it.


Monday, October 11

point & shoot

Up in the air.
Matilda's swimming lesson.
Daddy waiting to catch her after the swim instructor tosses her.
The laughter from Matilda.
She loves the water so much, it's a delight to watch.
The much needed after swim nap, mummy loves this time very much!

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