Tuesday, April 16

Nearly 10 weeks!

Tomorrow marks ten weeks that my most amazing little guy has been out in the real world. I still can't believe that I created this most perfect, smiley, gorgeous boy!

Master Nate has been talking much more and having little "conversations" with everyone. From the minute he wakes up in the morning he is full of smiles and talk. My fave thing to do in the mornings is to unwrap him from his swaddle and watch him stretch out and smile at me, its so cute to watch.

Tilds has been doing good as well. She is getting ready for big school next year by learning to trace words and learning to differentiate sounds. She already knows how to write her first name but we are starting on her last name. I am so proud of her progress, she really is a smart little cookie!

On the wedding progress... Well, we went to a wedding expo with both our parents and were talked into having a string quartet playing for the ceremony and we are now getting the whole day filmed by a videographer. We are sending out our save the dates tomorrow and we are still trying to decide on a design for the wedding invitations! So many different designs to choose from! Its coming around so quickly, it still doesnt feel like that long ago that the Mister proposed but its actually been over a year!

Stay tuned for more baby updates and wedding progress!

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