Monday, November 18

our lovely little wedding! (part one)

Well, as some of you may know, my lovely partner and I were married nearly two months ago now, so I figured it was about time that I put some of our happy snaps on the blog. I am making this a mini series as there are so many gorgeous photos. So, enjoy!

Check out my handsome hubby! Oh yeah!
Left to right - Mitchell (my brother & Grants best man), My hubby Grant and his groomsman Trenchie!

Grant & His dad
Grant & His mum

Baby Nate helping the make-up artist!

The dress

My mum and I. My mum was absolutely amazing on the lead up to the wedding. She helped us so much and was incredibly thoughtful. No words can express how much I love her!

This is one of my fave pictures of my step-dad and I. Paul has been a big support person in our lives for so long and I could not imagine my life without him!

This is my beautiful flower girl & Daughter! She loved dressing up in her shiny silver glitter shoes and her massive, puffy tutu! She was the perfect flower girl

My little Paige boy! So sweet, my gorgeous little son!
My Nanna gave me a baby bonnet on my christening day that could be turned into a lace handkerchief on my wedding day. My  Nanna past away in 17 years ago. Here I am unpicking the stitched to turn it into a handkerchief. She would have been incredibly proud of me. 
My beautiful maid of honor, Becca, and my mum lacing up my dress whilst my flower girl, Tilds, and bridesmaid, Cassie, watch on.

The next post will contain pictures of the ceremony!!

much love

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