Monday, July 26

My Friday Night

We went out into Parramatta, to a German beer house and we drank beer out of glasses as big as our heads. Here is a picture of Bec and Myself (I'm the one that isn't pulling faces)

Fun night.

point & shoot

Mornings + Toast = Smiles

Tilda's weekend

Thursday, July 22


Tilda has been sitting at her little table to eat dinner lately. She loves it, I don't love the mess though. Everything she doesn't want to eat goes on the floor.

Monday, July 19

point & shoot

We went down to Nepean River on the weekend. Tilda had a photo shoot. Not sure how the pics will turn out, all she wanted to do was run and play and I'm not sure the photographer was use to this.
Here is a pic I took of my gorgeous little girl taking in everything around her. Enjoying the view. Listening to the wildlife and the laughter of all the children playing.

Monday, July 5

Going out

I went out on Saturday night for a friends birthday. It was horrible planning on our part. We wanted to be in the city by 9. We didn't leave the house until 8:30. We got in there at 10:30. Apparently cover charge starts at 10.
We were let in by 11. It cost us $25 to get into the place and we had to wait until 11:30 for the DJ to come down and let Matt in.
I think we stayed all of two hours before we made our way to the station to go home. We caught the train to central station and then we had to catch the night rider home. I think it will be a very long time before I do anything like that again.

But anyway, here is a pic of my dear friend Bec (on the left) and myself. My first time in a dress since forever ago.

point & shoot

This weekend we made brownies! Tilda was so excited, even more so when I let her have the spoon to lick! It was a major battle trying to convince her that there was no more left and that perhaps she should give the spoon up!

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