Saturday, June 15

What's the haps?

As I sit here posting this my beautiful Miss Four and Bubba Nate sit on the floor cuddling. It's just gone winter and the night's have become cold and the says cool and the air crisp.
Winter is such an invigorating season. I personally love the snuggle season. Nothing more sweet than cuddling with your loved ones.
Bubba is now four months old. He is a super happy bub, he has recently learnt how to roll and grab at his toys. We are still having our breastfeeding problems but it's a lot better than what it use to be. He coo's at you sweetly and laughs when you pull faces. I took him to the art exhibition in Sydney on Thursday and he spent the day 'flirting' with all the ladies who stopped to tell him he was gorgeous!
Tilds (Miss 4) has been her charming old self. She is right on track for learning and has been writing her name, counting to 20 and is able to show by using her finger how many of something there is. I enrolled her into school for next year and we have her school interview next week. She has been developing such a personality and is very independent and passionate.
I have been busy planning the wedding and studying. I think I'll be going back to work after the wedding.
That's pretty much what's been happening over on our end!

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