Tuesday, January 22


It has been a pretty long time between posts. It's not that my life is uninteresting and what not, its just the I have been so darn busy! This has been the first time since finishing up at work that I've actually had the want and effort to write something down. 

Baby is progressing well and we are nearing our EDD nicely. He moves about like a trooper, so very strong already! He lets me get minimum sleep at night, I have never had insomnia this badly before. Worse then insomnia is that weird sleep thing where your not sure if you are asleep or awake? I had that last night.. feels like I haven't slept a wink. At all. So tired.

And then, on top of insomnia, I've been given dreadful heartburn and reflux, I burp a ridiculous amount of times throughout the day, when I do sleep I snore.. but at least I'm looking good and feeling healthy!

We finished the nursery off on the weekend, its looking rather cute, even if I do say so myself. We also did the whole massive house clean/ nesting! I started a quilt for bub, which probably wont get finished til after he is born and we finished off all his washing (about time really). 

Miss Bug has been going well, we had a week long stay at the hospital 2 weeks ago due to an infection but she seems to have bounced back well and is back to her old happy self. 

So, for now, we just play the waiting game and see how much longer we wait for the newest addition to make his appearance into the big wide world!

I cant wait!

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  1. I have not stopped by for a while and look at what I now see .... check out that baby bump someone has been busy! How exciting for you I wish you all the best :) Show us some pics of the nursery please!!


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