Tuesday, November 13


This pregnancy is just flying by! The last few weeks have probably been the easiest out of all of them... despite the constant squirming in my tummy I have barely felt pregnant (besides not being able to bend over at all). We got an ultrasound on the weekend and our little cherub is doing well and looking quite handsome if I may say so myself.

I am, however, counting down the weeks until I go on maternity leave! Bring it on! With this week finished I will only have five for weeks of work to go.. sounds like a lot but I am truly hoping it will be as easy as the last couple of weeks. 

Also, I have come to realise that a baby sitting DIRECTLY on your bladder is a bloody pain! I have never ever had to go to the toilet so much in my whole entire life.

On another note, we took Miss Bug to Newtown Festival on the weekend and she had an absolute blast! My lil thrill seeker went on all the rides and chilled in the sun listening to the live music and ate a sausage sizzle. 
Lovely day out had by all!

Stay tuned for more happenings!
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