Friday, December 31

Summer days

Nothing better then spending time at the beach on a beautiful summer day like today.
The water was absolutely perfect.
Tilds enjoyed building sandcastles with Nana.
So relaxing.

Tuesday, December 28

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, we certainly did and we both got spoilt!

Cant wail til the new year!


Monday, December 20

Thursday, December 9

It's been a while...

Oh well, hey there!

Its been a while hasn't it! So much, but yet so little has happened since my last post. My baby girl gave up her much loved dummy, I went to the Sydney Telstra 500, my cousin visited from Queensland, I was a volunteer for White Ribbon Day 2010 and much more.

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks!

Monday, November 15

point & shoot

Newtown Festival.
Long, hot, sweaty day.
Lots of dancing.
A nap on the way home.

Monday, November 1


Here are our family photos, both taken in
Newtown Cemetery on Halloween :)

point & shoot

So, it was Halloween on the weekend.
Last year we went into Newtown on Halloween and got some family pictures taken in the cemetery just because we could. We decided to turn this into a family tradition!
We went there on sunday, got some burgers from burgerlicious and headed into the cemetery for some pics.
Tilda had fun chatting to some random goth kids while we were there.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 25

point & shoot



The weather on the weekend was so strange.
It was so lovely on friday that we made cupcakes and went to the beach.
By sunday it was perfect snuggle up inside jacket weather again.
I'm really looking forward to a warm weekend where the sun shines ALL weekend.

Monday, October 18

point & shoot

We went to the Mamre Homestead fair on the weekend with Grandad, Nonna, Nanna, and Great-Mimi.
Matilda had a fantastic time getting attention off nearly all the grandparents.
They got her a pony ride and a new hat.
Here is a picture of Grandad and Matilda patting the pony.
Shortly after the picture was taken, Matilda put her finger in the pony's nose.
Gotta love kids!

Tuesday, October 12


Another tuesday night. Another night alone.
I loathe tuesday nights.

I'm suppose to be working on my assignment that is due thurday morning, but alas, my brain won't let me. Instead, I seem to be focusing on every single noise that is made beyond my window.
I just can't shut the outside world out.

I miss my darling Matilda. I know that if she were home right now she would just be sleeping. I just miss her presence in the house even though I know she is safe at her daddy's house.

I think I may be jealous of him on tuesday nights. He gets to peer in on her sleeping so soundly in her bed. He gets to tuck her in and make sure she is all safe and snug, and all I get is this lonely quiet that seems to echo throughout the house.

This apparent "beautiful" time alone. This break. This chance to do work that has been left undone for to long.

I hate it.


Monday, October 11

point & shoot

Up in the air.
Matilda's swimming lesson.
Daddy waiting to catch her after the swim instructor tosses her.
The laughter from Matilda.
She loves the water so much, it's a delight to watch.
The much needed after swim nap, mummy loves this time very much!

Monday, September 27

point & shoot

We did gardening on the weekend.
Matilda "helped". She squashed a plant and sat on the freshly watered soil, leaving her with very muddy shorts.
Here is a picture of Matilda trying to give our kitty Mayhem a drink.
Guess Matilda thought she was thirsty.

Monday, September 20

point & shoot

I went to the river on the weekend, It's always so peaceful and serene.
Just gorgeous!
This is at Bents Basin.

Monday, September 13

point & shoot

We went to the Festival of the Winds on Sunday at Bondi.
Matilda loved watching the kites, and she loved swimming and playing in the water.
Such a fun day!

Monday, September 6

What to do on a Monday?

Mondays are my one day off during the week, and every week after Matilda has her swimming lessons I'm left with nothing to do.
So today I finally put our wall stickers up. We rent so it's hard to add your own personal touch to the place. Hence why I love removable wall art so so much!

Doesn't look to bad if I say so myself

The bird cages are in my lounge room, the tree with the birds is on my bedroom wall, The owls are in Matilda's room and the under the sea theme is in the bathroom.

Now all I need to do is get removable hooks so I can put some picture frames up, and some shelves to display more colour around the house.

point & shoot

On Sunday we celebrated Fathers day! Matilda helped me make breakfast in bed for her daddy, and she spent the morning with him. We then went to have lunch with Poppy & Nanna. We went to Windsor. It was such good weather. We then went to daddy's house and had a roast dinner - Yum.

Here is Matilda at the Fitzroy Hotel, waiting for her spaghetti.

Friday, September 3


Last saturday, at 2:30 am, I got a very unwelcome guest at my house. He was loud, abusive and he kicked my door in. The police couldn't do anything because they can't find the guy.

I was then very tempted to buy a dog, so I did.

I brought him from the animal shelter. His name is Bullet and he is three years old... He is a lovely dog, the only problem is, he is a barker. All he does is bark. I am getting frustrated because I have tried everything. He has toys, warm bedding, I even take him on long walks, but yet he still barks. He is currently barking at the moment.

I hope this is just a phase and he is only barking because he is adjusting to the new house.

If anyone has any ideas on how to encourage a dog not to bark all day and all night I would love to hear them!

Monday, August 30

point & shoot

We had a trip to the hospital after Matilda caught a bug and refused to eat or drink anything. She got released on Saturday, and is now doing fine!
Thank heavens that it's over now!

Saturday, August 7

point & shoot

"Feeling happy in my hoody on a Friday....."

This picture makes me think of the song "Happy in my hoody" by Bliss n Eso.

She was happy because she was eating a banana.

Monday, August 2

point & shoot

My dad came over on the weekend, so I made up a mezze platter. My dad couldn't help feeding Matilda copious amounts of food.
Here is a picture of Matilda with hummus all over her face.

Monday, July 26

My Friday Night

We went out into Parramatta, to a German beer house and we drank beer out of glasses as big as our heads. Here is a picture of Bec and Myself (I'm the one that isn't pulling faces)

Fun night.

point & shoot

Mornings + Toast = Smiles

Tilda's weekend

Thursday, July 22


Tilda has been sitting at her little table to eat dinner lately. She loves it, I don't love the mess though. Everything she doesn't want to eat goes on the floor.

Monday, July 19

point & shoot

We went down to Nepean River on the weekend. Tilda had a photo shoot. Not sure how the pics will turn out, all she wanted to do was run and play and I'm not sure the photographer was use to this.
Here is a pic I took of my gorgeous little girl taking in everything around her. Enjoying the view. Listening to the wildlife and the laughter of all the children playing.

Monday, July 5

Going out

I went out on Saturday night for a friends birthday. It was horrible planning on our part. We wanted to be in the city by 9. We didn't leave the house until 8:30. We got in there at 10:30. Apparently cover charge starts at 10.
We were let in by 11. It cost us $25 to get into the place and we had to wait until 11:30 for the DJ to come down and let Matt in.
I think we stayed all of two hours before we made our way to the station to go home. We caught the train to central station and then we had to catch the night rider home. I think it will be a very long time before I do anything like that again.

But anyway, here is a pic of my dear friend Bec (on the left) and myself. My first time in a dress since forever ago.

point & shoot

This weekend we made brownies! Tilda was so excited, even more so when I let her have the spoon to lick! It was a major battle trying to convince her that there was no more left and that perhaps she should give the spoon up!

Monday, June 28

Sunday, June 27


We decided to head off to Luna Park today. It was the most disorganised outing you could imagine! For starters, We decided at about 11am that we were actually going to go through with it, and it was 2pm when we got to the train station to make our way to Milsons Point.
It's a Sunday and Luna park closes at 6pm on Sundays, so it was just our luck that there was track work happening, so we had to catch a bus. It took us almost 2 hours to get to Granville to hop on a train to Milsons Point, we finally got to Luna park at 4:30pm.
It was worth it though. I absolutely love Luna Park. I must try to go there more often!

Tuesday, June 22

I need sleep!

This is the face of a child who currently does not believe in sleeping at night! She looks sweet and innocent, but really.. there is only so many sleepless nights one can have!
I'm not use to sleep deprivation. She has been sleeping the night since she was 6 weeks old and now, as soon as she turned one, the sleeplessness started. I can't believe how tired I actually am. Its starting to get hard to function!

All I can say is thank heavens the princess is sleeping over daddy's house tonight. I'm planning on having a relatively early night and I will most definitely enjoy the full night sleep I will get!
Maybe tomorrow I will feel human, because at the moment I'm just functioning on auto pilot.


Monday, June 21

Gotta love my mum!

I went round to my mums house for dinner tonight. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: What's for dinner?
Her: Lasagne.
Me: What?!? (shock and disbelief in my voice)
Her: Lasagne.
Me: But I'm on a diet?!!
Her: No your not.
Me: Well, I'm trying to be on a diet!
Her: If you don't want it don't eat it.

I ended up just giving in and eating it.. and now I have a food hangover.

This sucks.

point & shoot

Well, the weekend was a very, very, very, very quiet one. So here is a few snaps of Tilda playing in the backyard, all the toys in the world and she prefers to walk up the ramp and climb down the stairs. At least she is easily entertained?!

I finally got the lawn mowed, the backyard looks so much neater when it is done. Sunday was spent cleaning.. All day. Loads of fun!

I had my last day of school for the semester. I now have five weeks off! I think I'm going to spend the majority of that time trying to get Matilda back into her old routine. The last few weeks the routine went out the window because I was struggling to get all my assessments done. Hopefully she will cooperate with me on this! Hopefully she goes back to her 8 am wake-ups and sleeping throughout the whole night. This flu is really messing with her sleep patterns.

That's all I wanted to say!


Friday, June 18


We went shopping yesterday, and while we were there I decided that I'm going to try to lose some more weight. I've been complaining about it for a while, but I'm finally deciding to do something about it. It should be fun. Last time I was on a "healthy eating plan" (diet) was before I was pregnant, and I managed to keep that weight off until mid pregnancy, so fingers crossed it works as well this time.

Since having Matilda I've only lost about 8kgs, which I was happy about because it was really making me depressed, but after the weekend and looking at the pictures of me next to my friends, I really look big next to them, it really lowers the self esteem. It also bothers me when they say "it's ok, you've had a baby"... well that was over a year ago now, surely I should have lost more weight. Its hardly an excuse.

So.. "healthy eating plan" starts today.
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