Tuesday, March 12

Its already been a month!

It feels like only yesterday I was in hospital about to give birth to my 10 pound bundle of joy! I seriously can not believe it has been a full month! Its been an exciting one, having to relearn pretty much everything! Newborns are just so precious! There are some things which I absolutely love, like his beautiful newborn expressions, his soft skin, his gorgeous little sounds he makes and his newborn smell.

I honestly thought this time round would be so much harder than the first, but its actually easier, although, the tiredness is a bit of a pain.

I've also had my ups and downs with breastfeeding this time round. With my beautiful daughter, as much as I tried, she just wouldn't put on weight from breastfeeding. This time round we are trying everything possible to get past the 6 week mark. We are on drugs (Domperidone) , lactation cookies, SNS feeding systems, you name it and we are probably trying it!! We are getting there, slowly. We are having twice weekly visits with the health nurse to make sure we are having a steady weight gain.

Tilds seems to be a bit better with him. She loves giving him cuddles and being a fantastic little helper. If you need a nappy she will not only bring you a nappy, she will get you a wipe and a bag, put the nappy in the bag AND put the bag and nappy in the bin. She is super awesome! She seems to find him much more interesting now that he is making more noise and is a lot more alert which is great.

Anyways, it's time to go feed little mister. Keep an eye out for future posts!


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