Monday, February 28

point and shoot

We went to ikea on the weekend with Matilda's nana (dads side) and her godmum Trish.

We stopped and had coffee before we started the trek. Tilds had a bubbaccino, a marshmellow and a cupcake. Lucky girly.
We then went for our browse. Tilds had to try out every lounge and bed in sight!

She was that exhausted after the long day that she fell asleep in the carseat on the way home.

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Friday, February 25

Should have been a hairdresser....

I dyed my little brothers hair today, it was a really nice thing for me to do seeings as I hate dying my hair let alone other people's (yes my hair is not my natural colour).
It turned out semi-alright.. Just need to put the rest of the pink in his hair tomorrow (checking for a reaction overnight like a good girl). He wants it all pink for Soundwave (that's right, I'm going to another music festival this month.)
In my industry there is a saying "should have been a hairdresser" which is reserved for people who don't have the skills or personality to be a social worker (My hairdresser is awesome and I believe some hairdressers are FAR better then some social workers).
So.... If I'm a crap hairdresser, does that mean I'll be a good social worker?

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Thursday, February 24

Daycare problems...

Tilds is back at daycare while I'm away studying. For the last two weeks she has been at her nan's daycare while her normal carer has been on holidays. She has loved it, there is only one problem.... There is a very, very, very bosy toddler there. This bosy toddler is also usually at Tilda's regular daycare, and this past two weeks I have been able to see where the screaming and hitting has come from.
I think it's time to seperate the two girls. The bosy toddler is a really nice girl when she is alone, but when Tilda is around, the bosy toddler follows Tilds around, shouts at her, snatches toys off her and wont let her do anything on her own.
I have to wait to see if this little girl will be staying with the regular carer or whether she will be staying with Tilda's nan before I make a decision about where Matilda will stay for the rest of the year.

On another note, I've been at the sewing machine again whilst the princess sleeps. I have been doing "experiments". So far I've tried making two owls... They look kinda cool. I call them my rustic owls. I'm thinking I'll just stick to quilts lol.

Owl tutorial can be found here!
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Monday, February 21

point and shoot

All smiles

googly eyed fish

I made this :-)

Helping with the design for the new quilt

Being cheeky

Setting the design

Nearly finished.

We had a pretty quiet weekend... It was my mums birthday on friday so we went out for dinner.
On saturday we went to an auction, then to a pet store and nan and pop got Tilds a fishy. Saturday night I finished the quilt I started last weekend. It looks pretty fantastic considering it was my first attempt at it.
Sunday I started my second quilt design, I finished the front of it on sunday night. Now I just need to decide what colour I want as the border and backing.

That was my weekend!

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Thursday, February 17

10 Day Challenge (PICTURE)


I took this picture after a long hard day at school (lol) just before I was about to jump in the shower (no I'm not naked.. but damn my hair is thick). 

P.S. I really NEED an eyebrow wax. Think I may go get one in the morning before my "date"

Here it is, me. 

That's the end of the good ol' 10 day challenge.. Woo!

Wednesday, February 16

busy busy busy!!!

My school friends and I (I'm the tool on the left, Mandii in the middle & Clair on the right)

Tilda with a sombrero and drumstick

Over the last couple of weeks I've been very neglectful of my little old blog. I've been ridiculously and quite unusually sick. I have been sick since the end of January. Every single day, ranging from fevers to the flu! This being said, I have been pretty exhausted. 

I started back at TAFE last week, so hopefully by the end of the year (November) I will have my diploma in community services, and, (fingers crossed) Uni next year. I'm kinda excited.. but its very daunting. I did alright last year but this year there is a lot more work involved. 

Well, that's all I'm writing for tonight. Those are my excuses for being so slack lately!! I hope to get into a routine soon enough and hopefully then I can get back into blogging.

Have a good one!!

10 Day Challenge (SONGS)


Parabola - tool.
I love this song. It reminds me of the birth of my daughter. 
"Twirling round with this familiar parabol.
Spinning, weaving round each new experience.
Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.

This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment. Remember. we are eternal.
All this pain is an illusion."

Change in the House of Flies - Deftones.
This song is my "im depressed so I shall wallow in it" song. I play it when I feel like absolute shit. It reminds me of my own demise. It reminds me of him. It reminds me of a time once lived.
And yet, I love it. I can listen to it over and over and it still sends me to that same place in my head. and I enjoy being there. This it what makes it into my top two.

(I know I'm only suppose to post two.... but....
This song is everything about my life this week... sort of. Chocolate and Cigarettes - Angus and Julia Stone. I love them oh so very much, but this song is currently speaking to me)

Tuesday, February 15

10 DAY CHALLENGE (films)


Candy! I love this film. It always induces a little sob. It's such a passionate movie.

Clerks 2. Funny light hearted movie. One of my faves to put on just to have a chuckle.

Fightclub. Need I say more? Fave movie of all time!

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Friday, February 11

10 Day Challenge (BOOKS)


 I love this book. My cousin brought it for me at a trash and treasure market from a couple of uni students. It cost $2. I love the way she writes, but this is my favourite novel of hers. It's fantastic.

I got this little treasure from some book sale they were having at the Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour. I was 15 when I brought it. It was read, re-read, then shared with friends. It is still, by far, a great light read for when I need some perking up. It's great.

I love the Meredith Gentry Series. This is the first book in the series and although it's a bit slow to get into, when you finally get started you can't stop. This series was a massive time filler for when I was pregnant. It was great!

I love love love this book! I don't recall when I actually did read it, I just remember not being able to put it down. It runs together so smoothly. My favourite character is Scout. She wears floral dresses and a pair of Doc Martins, and her boyfriend and her go on a killing spree, and then hold a movie director hostage so he can vouch that the violence in his movie is responsible for their violence so they can avoid the death penalty. It's just a great book. I recommend it for a bit of light reading.

      P.S.  I would like to finish this post of by letting you know that yes I am aware I have used "I" quite a lot.

        Thursday, February 10

        10 Day Challenge (FOODS)

        1. Feta.. Absolutely love it!
        2. Sashimi! I had been craving it the last couple of days so I splurged and brought lunch out. Best lunch ever, I love sashimi!
        3. Olives.. Goes great with feta. Yum.
        4. Tzatziki. Goes great when making a mezze platter - with the olives and feta.
        5. Mushrooms. I love mushrooms sautéed in butter. Mmmm so good.

        Wednesday, February 9

        Wordless wednesday


        10 Day Challenge (PLACES)


        1. The Goldcoast! Surfers Paradise. We go every year, we haven't organised this years trip, but I'm hoping to plan it around December. Tilda's Great-Nana on her dads side lives up there, so we try to visit at least for a week just so she can spend some quality time with her.

        2. I would really really really really (really) love to go back to Thailand. It is the most amazing place. I love it very much!

        3. I would love to visit Vietnam. My Grandad spent a lot of time over there. He use to buy me dolls and silk dresses from Vietnam and bring them home for me. He fought in the Vietnam war, so he felt a connection with the people. We have an ongoing joke in the family that we have relatives over there. (joke or serious.. not sure.)

        4. Tasmania! I have been all over Australia, but the places I am yet to see is Melbourne and Tasmania. We should be going to Tassie at the start of May for Matt's sisters 30th. This picture is taken from her backyard!

        5. Matt and I really want to take Matilda to the Sydney Aquarium. We have both been there before, we just are yet to take Matilda. I think a trip in the next few months are imperative.

        6. Canada! A lot of my friends have been, and I am kinda jealous! It looks amazing (just from looking at their holiday snaps). So this is a place I would like to go.. If I ever get the money!!

        Tuesday, February 8

        10 Day Challenge (wants)

        1. I want the best for my daughter. Thats the biggest thing I want, It's probably the only thing I want. I would give anything up to make her life the best it can be.
        2. I want... a new car lol. This is something I would only think about getting after Matilda gets her license and does not require driving lessons in my new fancy car :-)
        3. Another want would be... uhh.. um.. I want to get my eyebrows waxed. I'm looking a bit mountain woman-ish. 
        4. I want to get my diploma at the end of the year. I'm really excited to be going back to school in the morrow. 
        5. I want... my new budget to work out, get the savings happening again. Kinda broke after christmas.
        6. I want a coffee.. better yet, I want a N'espresso machine.. nomnomnom.
        7. I would also like a Kitchenaid mixer
        I hated writing this list... very much. 

        Monday, February 7

        10 Day Challenge (fears)

        1. My first and most obvious fear is losing loved ones... This fear never leaves me. I worry about it all the time and work through the what ifs until I convince myself that "nothing will happen, and if it does, it is probably inevitable". Its such a horrible fear.
        2. Every time I go to start my car up, I usually have the fear it wont start.
        3. I fear maggots. Nuff said.
        4. I fear the unknown.
        5. I fear fear....
        6. I really don't fear that many things... um I fear the milk being sour when I go to pour it into my coffee.
        7. I fear loneliness.
        8. I fear not being able to meet my goals in life.

        Point and shoot

        Tilds covered in vegemite before the fever got to bad.
        Tilds with her horrible fever.
        Tilds was sick on the weekend. She had a nasty fever, so we spent another weekend indoors.
        We tried to make the most of it though. Hopefully next weekend we'll do something outside!

        Sunday, February 6

        10 Day Challenge (loves)

        Joining in with Tara over at our whirlwind adventures

        1. My daughter is the first entry on this list. My life would be empty without her. She makes every day interesting, adds colour wherever she goes, makes the days easier, the world turn.. etc. You get it, I love her. Nuff said.
        2. The first morning light that makes it through my blinds in the morning. I'm rarely up to see it, but it makes me happy, therefore I will claim it as a love.
        3. I love my cat. He is a super awesome cat. Truly. 
        4. I love the smiles my daughter gives me when she first wakes up. They make my day.
        5. My family are great. They definitely make it onto the list of loves.
        6. I love sushi!
        7. FAOTL. Still. Always. Forever.
        8. I love sitting down, having a coffee and reading a good book (the coffee usually goes cold by the time I get to it lol).
        9. I love the beach.

        Thursday, February 3

        10 Day Challenge (secrets)

        Joining in with Tara over at our whirlwind adventures

        1. I hate chocolate. Nobody knows this. I have never had the heart to tell my family and friends this, therefore I still receive chocolate for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and mother day.. I cant stand it. It sits in my fridge until I decide I can probably chuck it out or re-gift it. Just thinking about chocolate makes me nauseous.
        2. I secretly enjoy listening to Kesha, Creepy? yes I know... I dont know why, It's odd for me. "What are you're fave bands?". Me - "Tool, A Perfect Circle, Angus and Julia Stone, Cradle of Filth..... Kesha". Just doesn't fit does it?
        3. I hate maggots. Maggots to me are what spiders are to most people. They make me squeal in terror.
        4. My ex has in his possession a home made "adult" video from back in the day. I've asked him on many occasions to get rid of it. I doubt he has. Creepy man.
        5. I hate washing up. I would bargain my way out of doing it. I would prefer to mow the lawns then to wash up. 
        6. I occasionally play COD online when Tilds goes to bed. I suck at it. Badly. 
        That's all I'm giving away. I think that's plenty.

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