Thursday, April 25

10 day challenge [loves]

This is a pretty easy topic for me.

I love my beautiful daughter. she is the most amazing little girl I know. She has the personality of a 20 year old and the happy carefree attitude of a three year old. She turns the big 4 at the end of May. I dont see her as a three year old though because she has such a fiery attitude and talks and behaves like a child much older then her age. She often tries to mother me and will pull the whole "not funny mum" line. I love her to bits!

I love my handsome little son. He is one of the most perfect creations. He is sweet, innocent and gentle. He smells like newborn and still loves to snuggle up with his mummy. He has gorgeous blue eyes and the faintest hint of blonde hair on his head.

I love my wonderful fiance. He tries his hardest to make me happy. He has recently discovered a love of cooking pastries and tarts so I love him even more when he makes his delicious chocolate tart. He encourages me breastfeeding our son and even makes me lactation cookies when I run out. I love him and im pretty damn sure he loves me.

I love my mum, step-dad & little brother. They are some of the most awesome people I know. My little brother especially so. He has the best taste in music, is always off seeing a new concert.. sometimes more then twice a week. He is super cool.

I love my dear friends. So very much.

I love Autumn.

I love the fact that Im getting married in September.

I love the beach.

I love my cat Mayhem,

I love my puppy Sybil even though she destroys the yard!


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