Friday, April 5

8 weeks already!

My little handsome man is officially an eight week old! he turned 8 weeks on Wednesday! I really cant believe how easily him and I work together. He is just perfect.

Over the last month he has started smiling, cooing and giggling. He is developing his own amazing little personality and he is most definitely a little snuggle bunny. He hates being put down and just loves being held, which I don't mind to much.. it just means that I don't get much done haha!

His sister absolutely adores him! She sits and "reads" to him, she talks to him like a real little mummy, she cuddles and kissed him. It is such a beautiful bond to watch. I am so proud of how much she loves and adores him, I am so proud of her.

I will update soon with more pictures, but for now, the little fellow is due to wake up soon.

Keep an eye out for our next update!

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