Friday, April 26

10 day challenge [fears]

My fears are usually what every mother fears. We tend to fear the worst. More often than not everything is fine, but it's the things that cause those twinges of worry deep in the pit of your stomach... The things that give you that feeling is what I usually fear.

The sickness of a loved one, the worry that something unthinkable can happen during the night, that split second where you think your little one has gone missing in a crowded place.

We had one of my worst fears happen to us last year. Something horrible happened. It has strengthened us all dramatically but it's something I never want to deal with again. I am still having difficulty coming to terms with it. Such a traumatic experience doesn't go away over night, but with the support of our families we are coping together.

Fear is normal. It's when your worst fears come into effect that makes things worst. It's like living a nightmare. The loss of control. Your whole world shattering. The perfect life gone. Families torn apart - that is worse than fear.

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