Friday, August 23

Mumma update!

Hey all!

Thought I'd do an update of what has been happening in our little world as I don't blog post often.

Our wedding is a little over 3 weeks away!! It's really starting to get exciting! We are down to final tiny bits of planning and trying to locate an extra couple of dollars. I find it hard to believe that we will get to see the end result of all the planning and hard work soon enough. Cant wait! My final dress fitting is next week, my dress is absolutely amazing. I also received Tilda's flower girl skirt today. It is gorgeous and is adorned with so many crystals. She is going to look so adorable with her little brother!

The boy is now 6 months old! Where did that time go? He is now sitting on his own, he does swimming lessons, he tries to give kisses (sucking the side of your face) and is on the verge of learning to crawl. We are still breastfeeding (with the occasional supp thanks to Medela SNS feeder) and we have started BLW.
I love BLW as it means I get to share my meal with the boy and not have to worry about purees and mushing food up and feeding him. He gets to feed himself and I think he loves it. He always has a smile on his face and never fails to make me smile.

My beautiful four year old miss is doing great. She never stops learning or asking questions. She is one of the most curious people I know. She has recently started doing two swimming lessons a week and has nearly mastered backstroke and is getting better at freestyle, she has a bit of difficulty with the breathing side of things. She is doing dancing once a week and has her concert in November. We are also preparing her for starting school next year. Its crazy how time flies!

I'm taking part in Michelle Bridges 12WBT and im loving it! Im only in week two but I'm already feeling a HUGE difference in myself, my body shape and my confidence & the recipes are pretty yummy. Wish me luck though in the next couple of weeks. I have my Kitchen Tea on Sunday, My Hens Party in a fortnight & the wedding on the 21st September so I'm hoping I keep the eating of sweet foods to a minimum!

That's all that has been really happening, I could probably write all day about how massively proud of my kids I am, but I'm pretty sure there are more interesting things for you to read, so goodbye until next time!

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