Monday, September 27

point & shoot

We did gardening on the weekend.
Matilda "helped". She squashed a plant and sat on the freshly watered soil, leaving her with very muddy shorts.
Here is a picture of Matilda trying to give our kitty Mayhem a drink.
Guess Matilda thought she was thirsty.

Monday, September 20

point & shoot

I went to the river on the weekend, It's always so peaceful and serene.
Just gorgeous!
This is at Bents Basin.

Monday, September 13

point & shoot

We went to the Festival of the Winds on Sunday at Bondi.
Matilda loved watching the kites, and she loved swimming and playing in the water.
Such a fun day!

Monday, September 6

What to do on a Monday?

Mondays are my one day off during the week, and every week after Matilda has her swimming lessons I'm left with nothing to do.
So today I finally put our wall stickers up. We rent so it's hard to add your own personal touch to the place. Hence why I love removable wall art so so much!

Doesn't look to bad if I say so myself

The bird cages are in my lounge room, the tree with the birds is on my bedroom wall, The owls are in Matilda's room and the under the sea theme is in the bathroom.

Now all I need to do is get removable hooks so I can put some picture frames up, and some shelves to display more colour around the house.

point & shoot

On Sunday we celebrated Fathers day! Matilda helped me make breakfast in bed for her daddy, and she spent the morning with him. We then went to have lunch with Poppy & Nanna. We went to Windsor. It was such good weather. We then went to daddy's house and had a roast dinner - Yum.

Here is Matilda at the Fitzroy Hotel, waiting for her spaghetti.

Friday, September 3


Last saturday, at 2:30 am, I got a very unwelcome guest at my house. He was loud, abusive and he kicked my door in. The police couldn't do anything because they can't find the guy.

I was then very tempted to buy a dog, so I did.

I brought him from the animal shelter. His name is Bullet and he is three years old... He is a lovely dog, the only problem is, he is a barker. All he does is bark. I am getting frustrated because I have tried everything. He has toys, warm bedding, I even take him on long walks, but yet he still barks. He is currently barking at the moment.

I hope this is just a phase and he is only barking because he is adjusting to the new house.

If anyone has any ideas on how to encourage a dog not to bark all day and all night I would love to hear them!
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