Tuesday, February 26

Introducing the newest littlest one!

On Tuesday 5th February I was admitted into the hospital for an induction. I had the prostin gel inserted at about 10pm and was told by the midwife on duty not to bother to much about contractions until I was at least three minutes apart, she then sent my partner home. Fast forward to 3am and that's when the contractions started, they started off at 8 mins apart and within the hour they had dropped to 3 minutes and absolutely painful! I called the midwife who sat with me and timed the contractions and told me she would be back soon to check on me and see how far dilated I was. I didn't see her for another hour. It was 6am when she finally came to check on me. I was 7cm dilated and I was finally able to call me partner and my mum to come to the hospital to support me in the final stages of labour (Yay). I was taken down to the delivery suite and hubby and mum met me there at 6:30am. I set myself up on the floor on my knees leaning over the birthing ball and as each contraction hit I'd rotate my hips in a circular motion to try and encourage baby down. Finally at 7:56am after a lot of tears, and a fear he wasn't going to ever come out, my handsome little man made his way into the world. I gave birth leaning over the birthing ball, no drugs, no need for stitches. My 10.5lbs bundle of goodness was born February 6th, Tilds adores him and I am absolutely in love!

Monday, February 4



Well today, I am officially 41+1 weeks pregnant! I never thought I'd make it this far AND still be pregnant.. come on baby, it's really time to come out!

We had our antenatal appointment, induction booking and ultrasound last Friday. Booked in for our induction on Wednesday. We go in on Tuesday night and the do the whole insert the gel thing. I'm really nervous about the whole deal. I don't want my waters broken, I want to start labor naturally! Labor hurts enough as it is without the gentle lead up with contractions haha!

Bubs @ 40+6 days. It's his head and apparently he is that low in my cervix he has a permanent forehead wrinkle =P

Well, what ever happens, happens for a reason I guess. Miss bug was a whole 9 days late and I was due to be induced the day after she was born. I still have one day left to do this on my own, come on body, don't let me down!


Watch this spot for baby pictures, and birthing story!
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