Thursday, September 15


Its R U OK day so today I'm asking the question..... Is everyone ok?

Tuesday, September 13

Did you notice?

So.. did you notice I have been slighly absent of late? Yeah.. nah? Well, there is a reason.. and a somewhat good one at that. I started full time workies!!!! For the first time since December 2009 I have a job!!! *Insert big Woohoo here!*

I'm stoked about it. It started out as a casual thing, and then they requested I come on board as a full time staff member, how could I say no? Although I will admit it was (still is actually) a bit of a struggle when I take Tilds into account.. do I spend everyday with her and struggle to pay bills or do I work monday to friday and spend quality time with her at night and on the weekends and not be a huge worried stresshead over money?
I do believe I have made the right decision, and I do feel a tinge of guilt every weekday morning when I drop my precious little princess off at her "school", but I know it's for the best and that I am doing the right thing for us at the moment.

This my dear friends is why I have been absent of late... I'm still struggling to get my head around proper routines and making time for myself on a weeknight. 

How does one balance worklife with family life and still have time for ones self??

Monday, September 12

point & shoot

On the weekend we went to Festival of the Winds at Bondi. I think we are starting a tradition!
It was such a lovely day, the sun was out, the wind was perfect! We got fish and chips and ate them on the beach, followed by icecream and hours of kite flying! 
Such a beautiful day out!

For more point and shoot fun join in over @ sunny+scout
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