Tuesday, July 17

The expecting!

Not so long ago, back in May on the day of my daughters 3rd birthday party we decided, on a whim, to do a home pregnancy test.
I'm not sure why, I was only a day late but we had one lying around so I thought "why not?". So off I went to pee on the little future changing stick and not even a minute later the faintest of second lines started to appear before my eyes. Shit!
I gave the mister the test and I think we kinda just stood there in shock before he finally broke the silence "guess we should postpone the wedding then?"
And so we did. We told me family 10 days later on my birthday and true to their form everyone was stoked.
We've only just reached 12 weeks and I have that long long stretch ahead of me. I'm not looking forward to being uncomfortable and huge, but if it's anything like the last pregnancy it won't be to bad.
We are due on the 27th January... I personally can't wait!
Watch with space for future updates haha.

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