Saturday, December 31


New years is nearly here, as I post I'm in the car coming back from Gosford. We took Tilds to see the 9pm fireworks. She loved it.

I guess the purpose of this post is to recap the year.
So, was it good? To an extent. The good has by far outweighed the bad.
I got many beautiful experiences from the year, I celebrated my second year of parenting, my gorgeous daughters 2nd birthday. I met many amazing people. I let my hair down. I danced, I laughed, I went to the beach and watched the sun enter the atmosphere. I made friends, I lost friends. I hurt the person I cared about the most, and in turn was hurt by the person who cares about me the most.
I went out and celebrated life, I've spent way to much money, we tried new experiences, we played in the rain.

This year has been pretty good and I am more then excited to bring in the new year with my wonderful partner and beautiful daughter.

2012, I say bring it on. I'm ready and waiting!

Laugh, love and be merry. See you in the new year!

Thursday, December 8

They say...

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and I really need a holiday... So instead I got a haircut! My cute new fringe!

So much has been happening in the last few weeks that I have been pretty slack with posting. I will reveal all a bit later so keep watching and I'll fill you all in soon.

Watch this space monday as I will be posting a point & shoot... Which I have not done in AGES!

Also, I'm seeing Foo Fighters tonight! I can barely contain my excitement!


Monday, October 24

Point and shoot

Yummy lunches, dolls houses, sandpit play and Marrickville festival.

Our lovely weekend!

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p.s. If this post looks a bit funny, scroll to the bottom and click "view web version"..

Monday, October 17

Tildy with her fish face, car time naps, playing with daddy, pony rides and a bottle of wine won in a raffle hosted by nuns. Such a fun, relaxing weekend. So here are our pictures of the weekend! Enjoy!


Monday, October 10

point and shoot

A beautiful picture from the beautiful wedding I went to on friday of my close friend and her soul mate.
Wishing u both a life time of happiness!

Friday, October 7

Something something etc

Im writing this post whilst sitting on a park bench in Newtown. Inspiration everywhere, but none inside me. Quiet time with myself before shops open. A day off work- Tilds is already at daycare waiting for nanna to pick her up. I have a wedding to attend in the central coast at 4. Im so unprepared for it, I don't even have a pen, a card or a dress to wear.
Unprepared? Seems like my whole life lately. Ive never been fully prepared, but nowdays I feel as though I should start to make an effort.
When does one move on from being spontanious? When does one decide its time to grow up? To have a plan? My parents raised me to be carefree, stress free. To have a plan... Does that incorporate stress? Im not sure. Im not really sure about much anymore.
Well, thats all the thoughtfull pondering I can do right now... Time to find a coffee and a dress.

Thursday, September 15


Its R U OK day so today I'm asking the question..... Is everyone ok?

Tuesday, September 13

Did you notice?

So.. did you notice I have been slighly absent of late? Yeah.. nah? Well, there is a reason.. and a somewhat good one at that. I started full time workies!!!! For the first time since December 2009 I have a job!!! *Insert big Woohoo here!*

I'm stoked about it. It started out as a casual thing, and then they requested I come on board as a full time staff member, how could I say no? Although I will admit it was (still is actually) a bit of a struggle when I take Tilds into account.. do I spend everyday with her and struggle to pay bills or do I work monday to friday and spend quality time with her at night and on the weekends and not be a huge worried stresshead over money?
I do believe I have made the right decision, and I do feel a tinge of guilt every weekday morning when I drop my precious little princess off at her "school", but I know it's for the best and that I am doing the right thing for us at the moment.

This my dear friends is why I have been absent of late... I'm still struggling to get my head around proper routines and making time for myself on a weeknight. 

How does one balance worklife with family life and still have time for ones self??

Monday, September 12

point & shoot

On the weekend we went to Festival of the Winds at Bondi. I think we are starting a tradition!
It was such a lovely day, the sun was out, the wind was perfect! We got fish and chips and ate them on the beach, followed by icecream and hours of kite flying! 
Such a beautiful day out!

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Monday, August 15

Monday, August 8

Point and shoot

Not really from the weekend, but from this morning... Miss Tilda moved up a swimming class today, and like the proud mamma I am, I couldn't help but share with you all. Tilds can now "swim" without any swimming-aids!! Super happy for her. She is such a water baby, she always has a smile on her face when she is in the water.
Here she is holding her slip of paper that says she has moved up a class. After this picture was taken she ran through the doors with a big smile on her face and handed the lady behind the counter the slip. Her certificate should be ready by next week. Yay

That is my point and shoot moment., what's yours?
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Monday, July 25

point and shoot

What did we do on the weekend? Well I finally moved Miss Tilda into "big girl undies". I brought them during the week and showed her them on friday morning before she went to "school". I told her that when she got home, she could wear her big girl undies as long as she used the potty.

Friday afternoon came, and when we got home I told her to go get a nappy (silly mummy forgot) so Tilds stomped her little feet and said "Noooo mummahh, undies!". It went off without a hitch. She didnt even let me know when she was going, she just walked off to her potty (which I place in the loungeroom for easy access) and did her buisness. Not one accident over the whole weekend!

So today, I am one proud mumma! I guess my baby girl isnt quite a baby any more... getting so grown up!

The picture above is of Tilds in her carseat on her way to her second cousins birthday party!

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Monday, July 18

point and shoot

This weekend on Saturday I took Tilds to see Disney On Ice. She absolutly loved it! The second Mickey Mouse came out she started screaming "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey!".
The day was a great success. I am so glad she enjoyed it. Here are some photos of our day!

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Saturday, July 9


Memories I will never forget... Sitting at Kings Cross Macca's, across the road from The Bank with Matt & Julian after visiting Showgirls and encouraging buskers to sing Pearl Jam, Incubus & Nirvana.

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Monday, July 4

point & shoot

Quiet weekend for us, so here are two pictures taken on Sunday on our way to Poppyseed Markets.

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Monday, June 20

point and shoot

Got milk?

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