Monday, January 31

point and shoot

We had a pretty lazy weekend due to having such a busy week. It was so nice to do nothing!

My dad got me a late christmas present (the 2nd picture), so I spent saturday with Matilda's Nana learning how to make stuff work. Nana already has some craft projects she wants us to work on together! Should be fun.

Saturday, January 29

This week I'm grateful for.....

This week I am grateful for....

Sunscreen, shade and water!

I went to both Sydney Big Day Out's anf managed to avoid sunburn and dehydration at both!

I am also grateful for my beautiful daughter. I missed her loads after spending two days without her (seen her both mornings for only an hour). Tilds must have missed me as well because the second she seen me friday morning she gave me BIG cuddles and kisses.

I love her so much!

Tuesday, January 25

A snapshot into my childhood...

I don't know what got me thinking about it today, but I was, so I thought I would share. Sure we have some great memories from our childhood but it is hard to forget the bad, so here is my story...

This picture, my little brother and I, the one person besides my daughter who I would do anything to protect. 

Our childhood was different to other kids I knew. On the outside, we were one big, happy family. Our parents had the perfect relationship, and we were the perfect kids. 

If you looked more closely into our lives it was a mess. Our parents always fought with each other. Always. 

One of the first instances I can remember - We were on holidays in Queensland, I think we were in Surfers on the main strip. They had an argument, mum took off and left Mitchell and I with our father. We had to ask a police officer to drop us back to the hotel. I was 5 and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

It got progressively worse from there. 

From the age of about 8 I grew up more then my years. I was more mature then any other 8 year old. I had to be, to protect my little brother. The arguments turned into domestic violence. 

I can still remember hiding with my little brother, trying to distract him from the horrors going on just outside the room, I can remember my mum trying to explain the holes in the walls or the new bruise she had received, I can remember running with my little brother to the neighbours house just to escape, to get away from the screaming and threats.

There are two events, that no matter how hard I want to forget, will always remain the most prominent thing in my memory.

The first event, My dad in the backyard, hanging a noose from the tree, standing on the ladder, threatening to do it. My brother and I crying hysterically, my mum on the phone to someone who I presume was the police or an ambulance. He never went through with it. I don't know why he would do that in front of his own children.

The second incident, in the kitchen, on the floor, knife pressed against her wrist, threatening to end everything and for him to just leave her alone. "Touch me again and I'll do it". 

Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. No child should ever bear witness to the things that I have seen. 

No child should witness the two people who are suppose to protect them, do that.

I was 11 by the time they split up. My mum only ended the relationship when my father turned on me. Dragged me to my room by my hair, hit me hard enough to leave a bruise and called me names that no child should ever be called.

It took that long for her to wake up and see that what she was dealing with was not worth it. That staying together for the "sake of the children" was actually hurting us more than she could imagine. 

They say that children who witness domestic violence somehow end up either victims or perpetrators. 

I can say from personal experience that this rings true to me. 
This is why Matilda's father and I are not in a relationship. Domestic violence isn't just physical abuse. It is also covers emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, money control, threats, emotional blackmail.. the list goes on. 

My experience was not as severe as my mothers was. I was not going to allow myself to be a victim. I should have left when the emotional abuse started, unfortunately I waited until I suffered a mild concussion to take a stand. The first time he pushed me was the first and only time I left, and I will never go back to that. Ever. 

This is why I am not with Matilda's father, and for those who ask why I don't just have a second child with him, so Matilda has a full brother or sister, this is why.

I am happy to say that since we are only "friends" life has been a lot better. There are no arguments for Matilda to see. All she sees is her mother and father as two happy, separate, friendly individuals and that is the way I like it. I don't need to play "happy families", because we are a happy family, just a happy, separate family.

I am also happy to say that my dad has since gotten help for his problems, and although I will never forgive him for what he did in the past, we have moved on, and we are making better, happier memories. 
My mum and dad also are civil with each other, and can stand to be in the same room as each other now. My dad is very remorseful for what he did. He was in a bad place, but that is a story for another time.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, you can ring the Domestic Violence Line for help on 1800 656 463 (TTY 1800 671 442).
The Domestic Violence Line is a statewide free-call number and is available 24 hours, seven days a week.
(Australian number)

Monday, January 24

point & shoot

 It was my dads birthday on Sunday. 
We went to the the park and had dinner with him, Tilds had a great time!
She spent the weekend hanging out with her Grandad,  and I think Grandad really appreciated spending so much time with us.

That was our weekend. You can join in the fun over at fat mum slim!

Saturday, January 22

This week I'm grateful for...

This week I am very grateful for:

  • My family. I've been avoiding my grandma since Christmas because I had the flu and then she went away on holidays. Well, we finally made time today to get around to doing it. Matilda had a great time hanging out with her grandad and her great grandma.We should have done it sooner.
  • I am also grateful for coffee. This week I have been really out of it, and exhausted. So I found that there was nothing better then having a quiet cuppa by myself whilst the little one napped. 
Tilds & Great Grandma

Friday, January 21

Our day in minor detail

Well, the little one was happy this morning.. no signs of yesterdays scare at all. The mark is still on her leg but she was oblivious to it. She even gave me a sleep in! Yay for 9:30am wake ups!

We had an alright day. We went to Marcs Baby Lab at UNSW so Matilda could take part in a study about language. We had fun, and Matilda even got her Bachelors Certificate and a shirt that says something like "I've been to uni". We haven't put it on her yet but if and when we do I'll take a picture and put in on here or something.

After we left UNSW we went and spent the afternoon with Matilda's nan (Matt's mum). Tilds had fun, like always. She kept playing with her silver shoes. She would put them on herself first and when that got boring she would put them on her dolly.

As much fun as what Tilds was having, I was bored and left unattended. Matt was off in his own little world chatting to some colleagues of his and Nan was sewing sheets with Tilda's help, so I was left to my own devices. I went a little nuts taking random photos on my phone, so here are a few of them.

To your right, you will see the My Little Pony toy Tilds got for Christmas. The hair on the toys head is actually a plastic wig, and you can pick many different hairstyles from it. When it doesn't have it's wig on it's a tad creepy looking. A bald, pink horse.

Tilds has been learning the word please over the last month. Every time she demands something, we correct her. So far she has been saying "'skit peas", which roughly translates to biscuit please. My favourite moment for the day was when Matilda strolls up to me, hands out her sippy cup and says "dwink peass mumma". My heart melted. I'm so proud of my little girl. Not doing to bad in the word department for a 19 month old!

Well, that's all from me for this evening.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend


Thursday, January 20

Uh ohh

Today felt like such a long day. We had to take bug to the hospital. She woke up this morning with a bite on her leg about the size of a 20c piece. By 6pm tonight, it was much bigger and throbbing. You could see her blood pulsing through it... so off we went to the doctor.

Our normal doctor wasn't in so we seen some other guy. He took one look at it - "I'm not sure what it is. It could be a potential spider bite, you should probably take her to the hospital". So off we went, not looking forward to the hours spent in the emergency room with an over tired toddler.

It went quicker then what we thought. The doctor in the ER was just as puzzled as our doctor as to what this mystery lump on her leg was. She measured it, and told us if it gets any worse come straight back in. Now we are on watch for it getting any bigger or more inflamed then what it is already.

The ER doctor said it could either be a non-deadly spider bite, or an allergic reaction.

So much for getting answers tonight. 

Guess I'll be posting an update tomorrow as to if it's gotten any better.


Monday, January 17

Here is the deal! I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 people who leave a comment here.

However, to be eligible, you must repost this message, offering something handmade to 5 other people. The rules are that it must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011 Ready, set, GO!

(a little to enthusiastic yes?)

((I don't even think people will comment on this anyways lol))

point & shoot

On the weekend, we went to the pools on Saturday, on sunday we had a lazy day and went to the park and filled our pool up. Matilda "helped" by playing in it whilst it was still deflated.

Matilda also got a grazed knee. She didn't like the band-aid so we took it off. She then spent the rest of the morning saying "knee sore, ouch".


That was our weekend.

Saturday, January 15

Oh yes, that's right.. it's Saturday.. & the "52 week challenge"!


It's Saturday night, Matt has Matilda tonight and guess what I'm doing besides updating my blog? I'm cleaning!! That's right.. cleaning. What ever happened to my life? 
The sad part of it is I actually planned all week to clean on Saturday night because I knew it would actually stay clean! Well, clean until Bug gets home from daddy's house. It's actually looking semi-adult with all the toys packed away, the benches almost cleared and my bedroom floor actually able to be seen!
To top it off, the end of the wash pile is in sight! It may actually be attainable very soon! Oh the joy!
Well, as I had not much else to say, I attached some pictures I took from Thursday & Friday.. I love the last picture. Her eyes are so blue, you could get lost in them. 

Ok, back to cleaning, which I'm actually not finding to tedious tonight with the music blaring and no toddler pulling everything out after you just put it away!

Also, for the 52 week challenge.. well, I de-cluttered my room. One whole garbage bag full of "stuff" (clothes and random knick-knacks) I didn't need will go to the Salvation Army on Monday. 


Tuesday, January 11

50 mundane things about me!

Here is my rather long list of stuff about me.

  1.  My name is Naomi.
  2. I'm turning 23 this year (yay).
  3. I have a beautiful daughter, Matilda, who was born a day after my 21st birthday.
  4. We are both Gemini.
  5. I have over 30 bottles of white wine in my cupboard at the moment.
  6. I joined a wine appreciation club in April 2010, I clearly don't appreciate wine all that much.
  7. We have a cat, His name is Mayhem. 
  8. Mayhem frequently tries to make love with my woollen jacket.
  9. I am never organised
  10. I frequently run late for things.
  11. My favourite flower is the Iris, or as my dear best friend calls it - "Those blue flowers that cost a fortune on valentines day"
  12. I love to bake sweet things.
  13. I don't actually enjoy eating sweet things (cakes or cookies)
  14. I want to go back to Thailand again... so very much.
  15. I'm a single mum.
  16. I will be studying this year.
  17. I love my canon eos, however I do not use it as much as I should or would like to.
  18. My favourite movie is Fightclub
  19. My favourite bands are Tool, Deftones & Angus and Julia Stone. 
  20. I will be seeing all three of my favourite bands on the January 26 when I go to the Big Day Out.
  21. I often procrastinate
  22. I am actually procrastinating right now.. I should be cleaning.
  23. I drive a car that is one year younger then me.
  24. I have my lip and my tongue pierced, but don't have my ears pierced.
  25. My family know this, but at least once a year one of them will buy me earrings.
  26. I want to rent a house by the beach, before I buy a house in the suburbs.
  27. I don't want to live in the suburbs.
  28. I'm currently reading that Twilight series.
  29. I am right handed.
  30. I am clumsy.
  31. I'm shy.
  32. I love the colour red.
  33. I like to drink beer
  34. I can't save money
  35. I often buy unnecessary thing because they are cheap.
  36. I brought a vegetable steamer for $12, I used it once. It now sits in the back of the cupboard.
  37. I've been making the same mistakes since 26/01/2005.
  38. I'm surprised he still talks to me after 5 years of it.
  39. I want to have another child.
  40. I don't foresee me reproducing any time in the future.
  41. I always start things and never finish them
  42.  ......
  43. I'm still smiling after the text message I received a week ago.
  44. Just thinking about it brought a smile to my face.
  45. I don't like wearing jewellery even though I own a lot.
  46. When I'm feeling fancy I wear all my rings, and get annoyed with them and take them off after 20 minutes. 
  47. I love Ikea
  48. I am a pessimist.
  49. I love the sun and warmer weather
  50. I hate talking about myself ;-)

      For Lori

      Monday, January 10

      Dinner with Nan & Pop

      We had dinner at Nan & Pops house tonight, although, I should say I had dinner, Matilda just mashed it into the table and fed the cat instead. Guess she didn't like it to much. 
      It was nice seeing them. I've been avoiding going around since I got the flu. I didn't really want to pass it on to anyone. The worst of mine seems to have gone, but Matilda still has hers.
      Hopefully we are all cleared by the end of the week!

      Here is a picture of her being camera shy.

      point & shoot

      Matilda is still getting christmas presents!
      Here she is unwrapping one on friday afternoon from her Aunty Jess.
      She loved it!

      Friday, January 7


      Well, I'm still sick. In actually fact, I do believe it's getting progressively worse. I was also right in my determination not to watch the third Twilight movie. It felt like I was watching a badly thought out soap opera, and yet I could not force myself to take my eyes away from my mobile screen (I somehow thought watching it on my mobile would make it better, it didn't).

      Actually, the worst part about being sick is that I think me darling daughter is getting what I've got, despite all my best efforts. She is starting to get a runny nose... I guess I can only hope that it goes away very quickly. For now, she is sleeping ever so soundly. I love watching her sleep. She always looks so beautiful and peaceful.

      Wednesday, January 5


      I've been sick the last couple of days. Somehow, from somewhere, I have contracted the flu. Everything aches and my head has been pounding all day. Matilda's dad & Matilda's nanna (my mummy) have been more then helpful today.

      Matty helped out this morning. He was over early and let me go back to bed, he even took some pictures of what she did in the morning so I wouldn't miss out (also cause I left my eos on the bench). Still it was nice to see what I missed out on.

      The first picture, I can hear her saying "finnishhh" as she holds the bowl out for her daddy to take it.

      The second is just cute, I can picture her outside chasing the cat around.

      My mum offered to have Matilda over for a sleepover this afternoon. It's a small relief but I'm kinda missing her.. a lot.

      But that's not the point of this post....

      I've always vowed to myself since the Twilight epidemic started that I would not get involved in it. I outright refused to read the novels, I walked out of the room if someone was watching it in the house.
      I'm not sure what has changed, but just before new years I picked up the first book, finished it in two days, watched the first movie and was kinda annoyed at how crap the movie was and swore to myself I would not watch the second movie.

      I finished the second book yesterday, again it took me two days only reading in my spare time (when Matilda was sleeping) to finish it. Well, I did what I told myself I wouldn't. I watched the second movie.. much to my disappointment.

      I'm halfway through the third book now and I'm already wondering whether or not I should acquire the third movie or if it will lead to more disappointment... Its not like I haven't broken a handful of promises to myself within the last two weeks anyway.

      Needless to say, I need to make up my mind soon, all this free time I've had today has meant that I'm speeding on through the book (my phone).

      Ahhh, dilemmas!

      Tuesday, January 4

      52 Week Challenge.. & Mudcake

      So, we are taking the de-clutter 52 things challenge over at The Organised Housewife. It should be a fun challenge and hopefully will make a dent in the copious amount of things we have, but don't really need. This week for the challenge, we got rid of a massive garbage bag full of toys that Matilda never plays with.
      We sent it to the Salvos, hopefully someone can make good use of them. Most of the toys we got rid of were practically brand new, it made me realise that Matilda really owns far to many toys and that this year for her birthday we are not going to get her much.

      Speaking of Matilda's birthday, my cheeky little girl turns two this may. It's gone so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was holding a precious tiny newborn in my arms.
      Matilda and I made a mudcake today, It was pretty tasty. She loved licking the spoon.. and then trying to put the bowl on her head to get the rest of the cake mix out.

      I'm off, I need to try and work out what I would like to de-clutter my life of next week!

      Monday, January 3

      point & shoot

      Featherdale Wildlife Park.
      Matilda, Nanna & myself.
      Feeding the Kangaroos and Wallabies, patting the Koalas and talking to the native birds.
      All followed up with a late afternoon nap.

      Fun day.

      Saturday, January 1


      Today is 1.1.11.
      The FIRST day
      of a
      new decade
      a new year!

      How very exciting!

      New years eve for us was spent with the people we love and care about... and feeling old and tired meant staying in and watching Sydney's fireworks on the T.V. at midnight.

      Tilda & I at her second cousin's 1st birthday party on new years eve.

      Now my lil darling princess is sound asleep, still exhausted from the last two weeks. I can't wait to get us all back into the old routine, with a new twist!

      Another year....

      It's hard to believe another year has gone by so fast.

      So many things have happened. Many mistakes have been made, but many positive things have happened. It's hard to decide whether or not it has been a bad year or a good year but the answer is clear enough when I look at my beautiful daughter.
      Every year that I spend with her in it is a fantastic year. She brightens up the world, and no matter what happens throughout the year, its always a good one.

      Some great things that happened in 2010
      • Matilda's first easter, and first (and second) trip to the easter show
      • I celebrated my 22nd birthday with the people I love the most
      • Matilda celebrated her first birthday!
      • I made it through my first year of parenting somewhat well!
      • My first "real" mothers day.
      • We had many excursions to the beach
      • We went to Queensland
      • Matilda's second christmas. She actually got into it this year and enjoyed opening her presents. She even learnt how to say "Santa"!
      That was just a shortened list of all the wonderful things we enjoyed this year, certainly looking forward to another year with my darling Tilds.

      Until next year. Peace.
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