Thursday, February 3

10 Day Challenge (secrets)

Joining in with Tara over at our whirlwind adventures

  1. I hate chocolate. Nobody knows this. I have never had the heart to tell my family and friends this, therefore I still receive chocolate for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and mother day.. I cant stand it. It sits in my fridge until I decide I can probably chuck it out or re-gift it. Just thinking about chocolate makes me nauseous.
  2. I secretly enjoy listening to Kesha, Creepy? yes I know... I dont know why, It's odd for me. "What are you're fave bands?". Me - "Tool, A Perfect Circle, Angus and Julia Stone, Cradle of Filth..... Kesha". Just doesn't fit does it?
  3. I hate maggots. Maggots to me are what spiders are to most people. They make me squeal in terror.
  4. My ex has in his possession a home made "adult" video from back in the day. I've asked him on many occasions to get rid of it. I doubt he has. Creepy man.
  5. I hate washing up. I would bargain my way out of doing it. I would prefer to mow the lawns then to wash up. 
  6. I occasionally play COD online when Tilds goes to bed. I suck at it. Badly. 
That's all I'm giving away. I think that's plenty.




    Hehehe, welcome aboard the 10 day challenge train!

  2. What a wonderful idea and well done!


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