Monday, February 21

point and shoot

All smiles

googly eyed fish

I made this :-)

Helping with the design for the new quilt

Being cheeky

Setting the design

Nearly finished.

We had a pretty quiet weekend... It was my mums birthday on friday so we went out for dinner.
On saturday we went to an auction, then to a pet store and nan and pop got Tilds a fishy. Saturday night I finished the quilt I started last weekend. It looks pretty fantastic considering it was my first attempt at it.
Sunday I started my second quilt design, I finished the front of it on sunday night. Now I just need to decide what colour I want as the border and backing.

That was my weekend!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and your quilt is amazing! I would never think it was your first. Your little one is adorable!

  2. Awesome effort on the quilts!
    Great work :)
    Hope your Mum had a fantastic birthday on Friday, too :D
    What kind of fishy did she get? He looks very cool.!!

  3. Good job on the quilt!! I can't sew to save myself ,so I am pretty impressed with those that can! Great pics :)

  4. Great photos! I agree that the quilt looks pretty awesome! Good job.

  5. Fish make the best pets no walking or cleaning up after them! Your quilt looks great can't wait to see it all finished :)


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