Friday, February 25

Should have been a hairdresser....

I dyed my little brothers hair today, it was a really nice thing for me to do seeings as I hate dying my hair let alone other people's (yes my hair is not my natural colour).
It turned out semi-alright.. Just need to put the rest of the pink in his hair tomorrow (checking for a reaction overnight like a good girl). He wants it all pink for Soundwave (that's right, I'm going to another music festival this month.)
In my industry there is a saying "should have been a hairdresser" which is reserved for people who don't have the skills or personality to be a social worker (My hairdresser is awesome and I believe some hairdressers are FAR better then some social workers).
So.... If I'm a crap hairdresser, does that mean I'll be a good social worker?

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  1. Well done! His hair looks pretty awesome.
    Also, I hope you have a blast at Soundwave.
    I know being a Mum means our old personal lives kind of stop, so I'm glad you are still getting some "you" time in amongst Mummy-hood. You are doing an awesome job, and I can only imagine how tough it is solo, so have a great time!! :)


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