Wednesday, February 9

10 Day Challenge (PLACES)


1. The Goldcoast! Surfers Paradise. We go every year, we haven't organised this years trip, but I'm hoping to plan it around December. Tilda's Great-Nana on her dads side lives up there, so we try to visit at least for a week just so she can spend some quality time with her.

2. I would really really really really (really) love to go back to Thailand. It is the most amazing place. I love it very much!

3. I would love to visit Vietnam. My Grandad spent a lot of time over there. He use to buy me dolls and silk dresses from Vietnam and bring them home for me. He fought in the Vietnam war, so he felt a connection with the people. We have an ongoing joke in the family that we have relatives over there. (joke or serious.. not sure.)

4. Tasmania! I have been all over Australia, but the places I am yet to see is Melbourne and Tasmania. We should be going to Tassie at the start of May for Matt's sisters 30th. This picture is taken from her backyard!

5. Matt and I really want to take Matilda to the Sydney Aquarium. We have both been there before, we just are yet to take Matilda. I think a trip in the next few months are imperative.

6. Canada! A lot of my friends have been, and I am kinda jealous! It looks amazing (just from looking at their holiday snaps). So this is a place I would like to go.. If I ever get the money!!

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  1. You have been to some wonderful places. How exciting!


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