Monday, February 7

10 Day Challenge (fears)

  1. My first and most obvious fear is losing loved ones... This fear never leaves me. I worry about it all the time and work through the what ifs until I convince myself that "nothing will happen, and if it does, it is probably inevitable". Its such a horrible fear.
  2. Every time I go to start my car up, I usually have the fear it wont start.
  3. I fear maggots. Nuff said.
  4. I fear the unknown.
  5. I fear fear....
  6. I really don't fear that many things... um I fear the milk being sour when I go to pour it into my coffee.
  7. I fear loneliness.
  8. I fear not being able to meet my goals in life.


  1. All of your fears remind me of why I am a Christian...I need a friend all the time that can take care of all these things in my life...'cos I don't want to live with these fears. I want to be free and leave these to Him.

  2. P.S...not to say I don't ever get weighed down by a fear or three...that's only natural..I then have to decide to hand them over to Him again and trust Him with them.

  3. RE: #6.
    Hence why I smell it first.
    I am a vigilante milk sniffer & only drink it in coffees, and use enough to soggy my cereal some of a morning, so I don't encounter sour milk inhalation :D


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