Friday, February 11

10 Day Challenge (BOOKS)


 I love this book. My cousin brought it for me at a trash and treasure market from a couple of uni students. It cost $2. I love the way she writes, but this is my favourite novel of hers. It's fantastic.

I got this little treasure from some book sale they were having at the Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour. I was 15 when I brought it. It was read, re-read, then shared with friends. It is still, by far, a great light read for when I need some perking up. It's great.

I love the Meredith Gentry Series. This is the first book in the series and although it's a bit slow to get into, when you finally get started you can't stop. This series was a massive time filler for when I was pregnant. It was great!

I love love love this book! I don't recall when I actually did read it, I just remember not being able to put it down. It runs together so smoothly. My favourite character is Scout. She wears floral dresses and a pair of Doc Martins, and her boyfriend and her go on a killing spree, and then hold a movie director hostage so he can vouch that the violence in his movie is responsible for their violence so they can avoid the death penalty. It's just a great book. I recommend it for a bit of light reading.

      P.S.  I would like to finish this post of by letting you know that yes I am aware I have used "I" quite a lot.

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