Monday, January 31

point and shoot

We had a pretty lazy weekend due to having such a busy week. It was so nice to do nothing!

My dad got me a late christmas present (the 2nd picture), so I spent saturday with Matilda's Nana learning how to make stuff work. Nana already has some craft projects she wants us to work on together! Should be fun.


  1. >.<
    Sounds fun.!

    Your photo's of Tilda are too cute.
    She's getting so big.!
    Make her stop.!! :D

  2. thanks for your comment....we had a lazy weekend too, was lovely.......good luck with all your new creations with the sewing machine fun fun lisa

  3. Spending time with your new toy sounds like the perfect way to spend some of the weekend.
    Lovely blog :)

  4. Thank you for coming by my blog for a visit. It is a pleasure to meet you.


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