Sunday, February 6

10 Day Challenge (loves)

Joining in with Tara over at our whirlwind adventures

  1. My daughter is the first entry on this list. My life would be empty without her. She makes every day interesting, adds colour wherever she goes, makes the days easier, the world turn.. etc. You get it, I love her. Nuff said.
  2. The first morning light that makes it through my blinds in the morning. I'm rarely up to see it, but it makes me happy, therefore I will claim it as a love.
  3. I love my cat. He is a super awesome cat. Truly. 
  4. I love the smiles my daughter gives me when she first wakes up. They make my day.
  5. My family are great. They definitely make it onto the list of loves.
  6. I love sushi!
  7. FAOTL. Still. Always. Forever.
  8. I love sitting down, having a coffee and reading a good book (the coffee usually goes cold by the time I get to it lol).
  9. I love the beach.


  1. I'm seriously hoping everything works out for you with #7 :)

  2. It wont. It never does. BP is a horrible bastard and at the moment he is manic.


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