Thursday, February 24

Daycare problems...

Tilds is back at daycare while I'm away studying. For the last two weeks she has been at her nan's daycare while her normal carer has been on holidays. She has loved it, there is only one problem.... There is a very, very, very bosy toddler there. This bosy toddler is also usually at Tilda's regular daycare, and this past two weeks I have been able to see where the screaming and hitting has come from.
I think it's time to seperate the two girls. The bosy toddler is a really nice girl when she is alone, but when Tilda is around, the bosy toddler follows Tilds around, shouts at her, snatches toys off her and wont let her do anything on her own.
I have to wait to see if this little girl will be staying with the regular carer or whether she will be staying with Tilda's nan before I make a decision about where Matilda will stay for the rest of the year.

On another note, I've been at the sewing machine again whilst the princess sleeps. I have been doing "experiments". So far I've tried making two owls... They look kinda cool. I call them my rustic owls. I'm thinking I'll just stick to quilts lol.

Owl tutorial can be found here!
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  1. Definitely would be separating Matilda & the bossy kid. Luckily for me, at PlayGroup my kidlets haven't picked up any nasty tendencies, but we're lucky there is only one overbearing kid, and he's rarely there.
    The rustic owls are very cute. Well done :)
    Good to have you back, too :)

  2. So glad you found the issue with the other child and can do something about it.

    I love your owls! They are so darling.


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