Saturday, January 15

Oh yes, that's right.. it's Saturday.. & the "52 week challenge"!


It's Saturday night, Matt has Matilda tonight and guess what I'm doing besides updating my blog? I'm cleaning!! That's right.. cleaning. What ever happened to my life? 
The sad part of it is I actually planned all week to clean on Saturday night because I knew it would actually stay clean! Well, clean until Bug gets home from daddy's house. It's actually looking semi-adult with all the toys packed away, the benches almost cleared and my bedroom floor actually able to be seen!
To top it off, the end of the wash pile is in sight! It may actually be attainable very soon! Oh the joy!
Well, as I had not much else to say, I attached some pictures I took from Thursday & Friday.. I love the last picture. Her eyes are so blue, you could get lost in them. 

Ok, back to cleaning, which I'm actually not finding to tedious tonight with the music blaring and no toddler pulling everything out after you just put it away!

Also, for the 52 week challenge.. well, I de-cluttered my room. One whole garbage bag full of "stuff" (clothes and random knick-knacks) I didn't need will go to the Salvation Army on Monday. 


1 comment:

  1. Bet you didn't have to clean egg out of your carpet when she got home, did you? Hehe.
    Love the piccies x


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