Saturday, January 1

Another year....

It's hard to believe another year has gone by so fast.

So many things have happened. Many mistakes have been made, but many positive things have happened. It's hard to decide whether or not it has been a bad year or a good year but the answer is clear enough when I look at my beautiful daughter.
Every year that I spend with her in it is a fantastic year. She brightens up the world, and no matter what happens throughout the year, its always a good one.

Some great things that happened in 2010
  • Matilda's first easter, and first (and second) trip to the easter show
  • I celebrated my 22nd birthday with the people I love the most
  • Matilda celebrated her first birthday!
  • I made it through my first year of parenting somewhat well!
  • My first "real" mothers day.
  • We had many excursions to the beach
  • We went to Queensland
  • Matilda's second christmas. She actually got into it this year and enjoyed opening her presents. She even learnt how to say "Santa"!
That was just a shortened list of all the wonderful things we enjoyed this year, certainly looking forward to another year with my darling Tilds.

Until next year. Peace.

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