Tuesday, January 4

52 Week Challenge.. & Mudcake

So, we are taking the de-clutter 52 things challenge over at The Organised Housewife. It should be a fun challenge and hopefully will make a dent in the copious amount of things we have, but don't really need. This week for the challenge, we got rid of a massive garbage bag full of toys that Matilda never plays with.
We sent it to the Salvos, hopefully someone can make good use of them. Most of the toys we got rid of were practically brand new, it made me realise that Matilda really owns far to many toys and that this year for her birthday we are not going to get her much.

Speaking of Matilda's birthday, my cheeky little girl turns two this may. It's gone so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was holding a precious tiny newborn in my arms.
Matilda and I made a mudcake today, It was pretty tasty. She loved licking the spoon.. and then trying to put the bowl on her head to get the rest of the cake mix out.

I'm off, I need to try and work out what I would like to de-clutter my life of next week!

1 comment:

  1. oh my! look at that gorgeous cherub face - so delightful :)


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