Tuesday, January 11

50 mundane things about me!

Here is my rather long list of stuff about me.

  1.  My name is Naomi.
  2. I'm turning 23 this year (yay).
  3. I have a beautiful daughter, Matilda, who was born a day after my 21st birthday.
  4. We are both Gemini.
  5. I have over 30 bottles of white wine in my cupboard at the moment.
  6. I joined a wine appreciation club in April 2010, I clearly don't appreciate wine all that much.
  7. We have a cat, His name is Mayhem. 
  8. Mayhem frequently tries to make love with my woollen jacket.
  9. I am never organised
  10. I frequently run late for things.
  11. My favourite flower is the Iris, or as my dear best friend calls it - "Those blue flowers that cost a fortune on valentines day"
  12. I love to bake sweet things.
  13. I don't actually enjoy eating sweet things (cakes or cookies)
  14. I want to go back to Thailand again... so very much.
  15. I'm a single mum.
  16. I will be studying this year.
  17. I love my canon eos, however I do not use it as much as I should or would like to.
  18. My favourite movie is Fightclub
  19. My favourite bands are Tool, Deftones & Angus and Julia Stone. 
  20. I will be seeing all three of my favourite bands on the January 26 when I go to the Big Day Out.
  21. I often procrastinate
  22. I am actually procrastinating right now.. I should be cleaning.
  23. I drive a car that is one year younger then me.
  24. I have my lip and my tongue pierced, but don't have my ears pierced.
  25. My family know this, but at least once a year one of them will buy me earrings.
  26. I want to rent a house by the beach, before I buy a house in the suburbs.
  27. I don't want to live in the suburbs.
  28. I'm currently reading that Twilight series.
  29. I am right handed.
  30. I am clumsy.
  31. I'm shy.
  32. I love the colour red.
  33. I like to drink beer
  34. I can't save money
  35. I often buy unnecessary thing because they are cheap.
  36. I brought a vegetable steamer for $12, I used it once. It now sits in the back of the cupboard.
  37. I've been making the same mistakes since 26/01/2005.
  38. I'm surprised he still talks to me after 5 years of it.
  39. I want to have another child.
  40. I don't foresee me reproducing any time in the future.
  41. I always start things and never finish them
  42.  ......
  43. I'm still smiling after the text message I received a week ago.
  44. Just thinking about it brought a smile to my face.
  45. I don't like wearing jewellery even though I own a lot.
  46. When I'm feeling fancy I wear all my rings, and get annoyed with them and take them off after 20 minutes. 
  47. I love Ikea
  48. I am a pessimist.
  49. I love the sun and warmer weather
  50. I hate talking about myself ;-)


      1. Awesome list, we have ALOT in common!
        And about the 30 bottles of wine in your cupboard; I'll be over soon, ok? ha ha
        Thanks for joining in! x


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