Thursday, January 20

Uh ohh

Today felt like such a long day. We had to take bug to the hospital. She woke up this morning with a bite on her leg about the size of a 20c piece. By 6pm tonight, it was much bigger and throbbing. You could see her blood pulsing through it... so off we went to the doctor.

Our normal doctor wasn't in so we seen some other guy. He took one look at it - "I'm not sure what it is. It could be a potential spider bite, you should probably take her to the hospital". So off we went, not looking forward to the hours spent in the emergency room with an over tired toddler.

It went quicker then what we thought. The doctor in the ER was just as puzzled as our doctor as to what this mystery lump on her leg was. She measured it, and told us if it gets any worse come straight back in. Now we are on watch for it getting any bigger or more inflamed then what it is already.

The ER doctor said it could either be a non-deadly spider bite, or an allergic reaction.

So much for getting answers tonight. 

Guess I'll be posting an update tomorrow as to if it's gotten any better.



  1. Oh my word! So they were happy to just let you go? Crap! Hope it goes away quick-smart x

  2. This happened to my 2 year old, his whole foot swelled up and we were sent to hospital. We were told the same: can't do much and to watch it.
    Glad to hear it's better! Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward ro reading yours


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