Saturday, January 29

This week I'm grateful for.....

This week I am grateful for....

Sunscreen, shade and water!

I went to both Sydney Big Day Out's anf managed to avoid sunburn and dehydration at both!

I am also grateful for my beautiful daughter. I missed her loads after spending two days without her (seen her both mornings for only an hour). Tilds must have missed me as well because the second she seen me friday morning she gave me BIG cuddles and kisses.

I love her so much!


  1. So cool that you made Big Day Out! I haven't been to a festival like that since... well, since the Tsunamis came along. I think it's just as important for Tilds to see her mum having fun as it is to spend every waking minute with you... I really do. x

  2. Yay for hydration.!
    Hope you had a nice couple of days "off".
    It's imperitive to get a break every once in a while, and you've earned a decent time-out xo

  3. Hurrah for sunscreen, shade and water. Three things I love myself. <3

    ps. I am also Carly ~ Creator of <3

  4. Well done on looking after yourself and having a good time.
    I'd miss Tilds too she is adorable.

  5. Tilds looks like a contented happy little soul in that picture...I bet she did miss her mummy but had a good time anyway...glad you did too..even better when the day after wasn't filled with side effects from your 'big day out'!

  6. Hello! Thought I'd pop over and say hi. What a lovely thing to be grateful for. And if you're anything like me, you appreciate your children even more when you've spent some time away from them. Hope you enjoyed BDO. And to stay hydrated and not get sunburned is quite an achievement! xx

  7. Sounds like a great time! And then, it makes seeing the little ones so much more exciting.


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