Saturday, January 22

This week I'm grateful for...

This week I am very grateful for:

  • My family. I've been avoiding my grandma since Christmas because I had the flu and then she went away on holidays. Well, we finally made time today to get around to doing it. Matilda had a great time hanging out with her grandad and her great grandma.We should have done it sooner.
  • I am also grateful for coffee. This week I have been really out of it, and exhausted. So I found that there was nothing better then having a quiet cuppa by myself whilst the little one napped. 
Tilds & Great Grandma


  1. Be grateful for your Grandma. It's amazing to have four generations all going strong!! x

  2. I am very grateful for my grandma, she is amazing!
    Matilda is also very lucky to have two Great-Grandma's, My grandma and her dad's Nana.

  3. Great news about Grandma and like you, I am very grateful for coffee. I would be asleep without it ;)

  4. That little cup of coffee and a bit of quiet time makes everything better. Thanks for finding my blog and commenting... I love discovering new blogs and look forward to reading some more of yours,



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