Friday, January 21

Our day in minor detail

Well, the little one was happy this morning.. no signs of yesterdays scare at all. The mark is still on her leg but she was oblivious to it. She even gave me a sleep in! Yay for 9:30am wake ups!

We had an alright day. We went to Marcs Baby Lab at UNSW so Matilda could take part in a study about language. We had fun, and Matilda even got her Bachelors Certificate and a shirt that says something like "I've been to uni". We haven't put it on her yet but if and when we do I'll take a picture and put in on here or something.

After we left UNSW we went and spent the afternoon with Matilda's nan (Matt's mum). Tilds had fun, like always. She kept playing with her silver shoes. She would put them on herself first and when that got boring she would put them on her dolly.

As much fun as what Tilds was having, I was bored and left unattended. Matt was off in his own little world chatting to some colleagues of his and Nan was sewing sheets with Tilda's help, so I was left to my own devices. I went a little nuts taking random photos on my phone, so here are a few of them.

To your right, you will see the My Little Pony toy Tilds got for Christmas. The hair on the toys head is actually a plastic wig, and you can pick many different hairstyles from it. When it doesn't have it's wig on it's a tad creepy looking. A bald, pink horse.

Tilds has been learning the word please over the last month. Every time she demands something, we correct her. So far she has been saying "'skit peas", which roughly translates to biscuit please. My favourite moment for the day was when Matilda strolls up to me, hands out her sippy cup and says "dwink peass mumma". My heart melted. I'm so proud of my little girl. Not doing to bad in the word department for a 19 month old!

Well, that's all from me for this evening.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend


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  1. YAY for little Miss saying "Please", that's fantastic to hear. Good on her [and you, of course] for the achievement :) :) xx


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