Friday, June 18


We went shopping yesterday, and while we were there I decided that I'm going to try to lose some more weight. I've been complaining about it for a while, but I'm finally deciding to do something about it. It should be fun. Last time I was on a "healthy eating plan" (diet) was before I was pregnant, and I managed to keep that weight off until mid pregnancy, so fingers crossed it works as well this time.

Since having Matilda I've only lost about 8kgs, which I was happy about because it was really making me depressed, but after the weekend and looking at the pictures of me next to my friends, I really look big next to them, it really lowers the self esteem. It also bothers me when they say "it's ok, you've had a baby"... well that was over a year ago now, surely I should have lost more weight. Its hardly an excuse.

So.. "healthy eating plan" starts today.

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