Monday, June 21

point & shoot

Well, the weekend was a very, very, very, very quiet one. So here is a few snaps of Tilda playing in the backyard, all the toys in the world and she prefers to walk up the ramp and climb down the stairs. At least she is easily entertained?!

I finally got the lawn mowed, the backyard looks so much neater when it is done. Sunday was spent cleaning.. All day. Loads of fun!

I had my last day of school for the semester. I now have five weeks off! I think I'm going to spend the majority of that time trying to get Matilda back into her old routine. The last few weeks the routine went out the window because I was struggling to get all my assessments done. Hopefully she will cooperate with me on this! Hopefully she goes back to her 8 am wake-ups and sleeping throughout the whole night. This flu is really messing with her sleep patterns.

That's all I wanted to say!



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