Saturday, June 12

long weeks

The last couple of weeks have been extremely long and have felt like they just wouldn't finish! The weekends have been fantastic, but the weekdays just seem to drag.

There is only one reason behind this- TAFE assessments! For some reason, they packed all our assessments into two short weeks, which in turn, made my life a living hell. It is very hard trying to type up 1000 word essays and prepare 15 minute presentations whilst changing nappies and attempting to create nutritious, healthy and tasty meals a one year old will eat! And to make matters much more fun, the little miss decided that this was the week she would get two new teeth and the flu! No sleep for either of us! But we got through it, just. I think next semester I will try to be better organised.

Last weekend we went to Matilda's friend, Margot's, first birthday party. It was lots of fun! Matilda played in the ball pit with her two best friends, Margot & Lisa. We ate cake and fairy bread, and then we had a good night sleep. We met Matilda's friends Margot & Lisa when we went to a baby care course, and they have been friends ever since.

Lately Matilda has had bad separation anxiety. Any time I leave, even just to go outside for a minute, she screams as though I'm leaving her forever. She doesn't do it with her father, Just with me. It's pretty horrible to listen to as I'm walking out the door. I guess it's something we need to work on.

Anyway, I'm off. I'm going to Harvey Norman to see if I can buy a Cannon camera. I'm pretty excited.


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