Friday, January 3

Oh yeh!

So, New year means I'm taking parting in the Organised Housewife's



So, first things first, cause im a bit slack at going out and purchasing a black print cartridge, here are my household goals for 2014!

  1. I want to feel relaxed and happy while I’m at home.
  2. I want to spend more time playing with the kids.
  3. I want an area of the home where I can sew without random excess clutter impacting on me!
  4. I want to organise my kitchen first.
  5. I always lose my clean clothes in the ginormous pile of washing that is my laundry.
  6. I want to be organised by Nathaniel's birthday party in February.
  7. The most disorganised cupboard in my home is pantry.
  8. Something that I don’t need anymore , but am having trouble parting with is sentimental items I have no need for anymore.
Tonight I cleared off the noticeboard for when I finally get around to getting my printer cartrige, and may i just say, my gosh it looks so much better having a nearly EMPTY noticeboard with nothing on it! This weekend I think I am going to give it a splash of paint as it's the lovely old school brown corkboard.. Maybe I could throw some brightly coloured fabric on it instead?

Will post pics on monday. In the meantime, I shall be posting my 2 part wedding post (Yes, I know, very delayed, but better late then never!!!)


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