Saturday, December 31


New years is nearly here, as I post I'm in the car coming back from Gosford. We took Tilds to see the 9pm fireworks. She loved it.

I guess the purpose of this post is to recap the year.
So, was it good? To an extent. The good has by far outweighed the bad.
I got many beautiful experiences from the year, I celebrated my second year of parenting, my gorgeous daughters 2nd birthday. I met many amazing people. I let my hair down. I danced, I laughed, I went to the beach and watched the sun enter the atmosphere. I made friends, I lost friends. I hurt the person I cared about the most, and in turn was hurt by the person who cares about me the most.
I went out and celebrated life, I've spent way to much money, we tried new experiences, we played in the rain.

This year has been pretty good and I am more then excited to bring in the new year with my wonderful partner and beautiful daughter.

2012, I say bring it on. I'm ready and waiting!

Laugh, love and be merry. See you in the new year!

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