Monday, July 25

point and shoot

What did we do on the weekend? Well I finally moved Miss Tilda into "big girl undies". I brought them during the week and showed her them on friday morning before she went to "school". I told her that when she got home, she could wear her big girl undies as long as she used the potty.

Friday afternoon came, and when we got home I told her to go get a nappy (silly mummy forgot) so Tilds stomped her little feet and said "Noooo mummahh, undies!". It went off without a hitch. She didnt even let me know when she was going, she just walked off to her potty (which I place in the loungeroom for easy access) and did her buisness. Not one accident over the whole weekend!

So today, I am one proud mumma! I guess my baby girl isnt quite a baby any more... getting so grown up!

The picture above is of Tilds in her carseat on her way to her second cousins birthday party!

for more point and shoot fun join in over at sunny+scout


  1. Well done! How old is Tilda?

  2. Tilds is 2 years 2 months.. she has been practicing using the potty for a while now, but last time we tried potty training we had more misses then hits.

  3. well done to both of you! It's a big day when they "click" on to using the potty! She is gorgeous!


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