Monday, October 8

Ooh the pain!

Well hello Monday! You, Monday, are a very long, tedious, painful day. I just want to say there is absolutely NOTHING fun about working full time and being a mum whilst pregnant and suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction. Nothing at all.
Being a mum is the hardest as it's so difficult to explain to a three year old that mummy can't sit on the floor as mummy probably won't be able to get up without a) being in extreme pain and b) requiring the assistance of another adult to help her get up.
The pregnancy isn't all that bad if you take away the pain. Bubs kicks and moves about frequently which is such a joy. I love those little feelings. It's probably the best bit about pregnancy. That and the glowing skin and silky smooth hair! Booyah!
24 weeks. Still to many to go!

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