Sunday, October 21

My week according to instagram!

|bear |Chinese gardens |farmer Tilds |killjoy |blocks |getting set up |new bassinet |sick bug |26 weeks | 

 It's been a pretty good week on the home front. Setting up the nursery makes things really sink in... Wow, I'm having another baby! =P

Miss Bug has been sick with a viral infection (thanks preschool!) So this means days off school for her and days off work for me. On the positive it means I get to catch up on the house work!

Linking up with Tina 

Come play along!!



  1. How exciting to have a new bub on the way! Hope your daughter is on the mend. x

  2. Congratulations on a new bub .
    Great collection.
    I love the way you angled the photo collage too.


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